Volunteer Opportunities for Online High School Students

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Many online high schools require that students complete volunteer hours in order to be eligible for a high school diploma. But, finding a local volunteer opportunity can be difficult if your school does not have a counseling office. Fortunately, volunteer websites can help. If you need to find a volunteer opportunity in your area, try one of these sites.

Common Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Match – This growing database lists thousands of volunteer opportunities searchable by area code. Many listings specify whether or not a particular opportunity is suitable for teen volunteers. You can also search for virtual volunteer opportunities (such as writing web content or putting together newsletters) that can be done in your own home.
Charity Guide – Use this site to find hundreds of "flexible volunteerism" projects that can be done at your own pace. Create a baby supply kit, plant a green roof, or host a bluebird house. You can find projects to rescue animals, help children, protect the environment, and promote safety. Some volunteer activities can be done in as few as fifteen minutes. (Full disclosure: I am also a writer for this non-profit website).
The Red Cross – Almost everyone lives near a Red Cross center. Find a local Red Cross and ask what you can do to help. Volunteers prepare for disasters, staff offices, work in homeless shelters, and perform many other services that are valuable to the community.

Does It Meet Your Requirements?

Before deciding on any service project, check with your school to make sure the opportunity meets all requirements. Some online schools will allow you to do individual volunteer projects on your own as long as a parent logs your volunteer hours. Other schools require that you work with a specific organization and send in a letter from a supervisor.

If you choose a project that suits you, volunteering can be a rewarding experience. Not only will you finish your required hours, you will also get the sense of accomplishment that comes from knowing you've made a real difference in the world.

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