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Why I Chose This Life
by anothersmith

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - At seven, I woke up in a hospital. That is my first memory. MY MEMORY! There is nothing before then. I have been placed under hypnosis several times, nothing. Yet I know, I existed. I've seen pictures, heard stories. They mean nothing to me, no attachment, only an outsider, looking in.

They could be stories from anyone's life. At twelve, I was involved in a very bad car accident. This is how I know... I almost died. I was looking at myself as the cops pulled me from the car. That's when I heard me, not me, ask if I wanted to trade back. I have contemplated that question for the past forty-five years.

My Walk-in Story - Why I chose this life? A fools errand, possibly... I will say this life has never been boring. No, nothing about this life has been average, the norm, rote. It's been filled with exceptional highs and life changing lows. This life was birthed on an ocean, to a very young sailor, who aspired to sea captain. Mother left three days after birth and first sight of land. Raised by nuns in boarding schools and in sea ports all over the world. From college to marriage to motherhood to widow in less then 15 years. Motherhood, I highly recommend! The year of the widow was tough, my entire family gone.

Nine deaths, six months. Still sane, so they say. I question that from time to time. Twenty years a widow and recently married for the second time. And the adventure continues...

Even after all these years, I still feel as though I don't belong. An outsider looking in from time to time. But still a soul, no matter how restless.

I may not have started this life, but I damn sure going to finish it.

Making Adjustments
by Marie

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - It was an incredible feeling when I came here. It was like a relay race where you slap the other's hand and walk back in line, except it was more like I was flying in from above the person. I was sitting outside on the bonnet of the car when it happened, and it was very profound and I know I'll never deny it. I had swapped places with a Pleadian who had left some very profound experiences and knowledge for me to utilize during my time here (and unfortunately some mess to clean up too). All of this was extremely well-timed with me reading a book in which a walk-in happened, so I knew about it when I felt it.

My Walk-in Story - After the initial wonder of coming into this human life, my brain felt like throwing a tantrum, like my brain was yearning for the other, more advanced soul. It was hard to let go of this at first, but it's OK now. I had all these feelings later on about how life was going to go down, about creating a small hell I'd go living through for a bit. At that point, past time was really disjointed. I think I lived through it, or still am, this may be the sense of 'lostness' I'm going through.

The first moments are a bit hazy now, kinda like growing up past 5 and then forgetting a bunch of stuff from when you're 3 I suppose. I don't even know the date I walked in, I remembered it through an event instead - of which my friends don't remember the date. It almost feels like forgetting your birthday. And speaking of friends, I was scared of school at first since there was no way I was going to tell my friends about this. It was fine, but now I feel like I'm slowly drifting apart from them.

I'm relating to people in new ways, I don't quite know my family in the same way... It's crazy! And humans put the craziest blocks and rules down in society! But it's OK. Just live through the first stages. I can tell, even though I haven't lived it yet, that it's worth it and it will even out given time to do so.

No matter how disjointed or lost you might feel, fellow walk-ins, this is a temporary state and will be resolved with love for your situation. Give it time. Take up the call for change, since after this, it could get so much easier to facilitate it considering your position.


  • Meet some new people.
  • This is a perfect time to dissolve old habits - especially really bad ones like smoking or alcohol addiction that deteriorate the body - since change is big now.
  • It's just change, like everything in life, albeit one that may seem big.
  • Deal with both sides. Just because you're 'new', that doesn't mean you can ignore every block that was left in the cellular memory of the body you're in.
  • You may take some time to adjust. I know I am. Cry out the blocks whenever you can, or get rid of them in another way, whatever works for you, since it's no good to keep bad memories.
  • You are who you are

A Second Chance
by TYS

How I Found Out I Was a Walk-in Soul - About 20 years ago I had a breakdown. I recall the events that lead up to it, during it, and after it. But I seem to have no emotional connections to the life before it. I guess there was a splintering of him, because his memory shows that there were others besides him. Through his memory I know that he heard being asked if he can handle the energy that will surge from outside to within. He said yes (or was it me?)He fainted. I guess I came in. I do know that there is a marked difference in him and me. He was supposedly very social, extrovert, etc.

and I am a recluse and prefer my own company. I know I am occupying.

My Walk-in Story - It was very recently I came to know about this possibility of being a walk-in . Personally it's just another tag and does not bring me any closer to figuring out why I am here. I have considered the possibility that these are all mere validations which serves no purpose. I know people who knew him before and I have all the memories, but there are some I feel close to and some not that much. I see the puzzlement and I can't explain to them this distance. I lack empathy and emotionally, I am what may be considered cold. I am unable to judge, take sides, feel sorry or elevated since I seem to have an over all picture (or perhaps the knowledge that there is a lack of an over all picture)

There are some who like this version of me.

I am still skeptical about souls and such things. I love this life. I know that I see things differently. That doesn't make me special. Sometimes I find myself pretending to agree with something because it will be easier, but those moments are tiring and I have given that up.

I seem to carry no baggage. My thoughts are instantaneous. It arises and falls into silence until beckoned. I hadn't noticed all this until it was pointed out. Until then I figured that is how everyone was. I can't make plans. I can do today. That's it. I am very content . Happiness being a retrospective state, will need time to access. I like life.

Walk-in Walked Right Out
by Scottish Goddess

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - I think I might have scared off a guest walk-in.

Inside my mind is chaos. It always has been. I happened to glance in the mirror and almost peed myself: I didn't see me, I saw someone else. But when I looked closer, it was both. Me AND whoever, overlapped like on a holographic screen.

My Walk-in Story - I felt dizzy for several days. I went to doctor's appointments and had tests done. They found absolutely nothing physically wrong with me, physically or mentally. I felt... Male. It was kind of strange, like the line between me and someone else had been blurred. I was beaten again that night. Laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, I felt a weird tingling in my chest, and it spread outward. Suddenly I felt lighter, and I could just tell, I KNEW that whoever had been with me had left. I actually kind of miss that. It's lonely here, just me in my skin. I think the guy (Dean?) on Supernatural calls the scruffy angel's human form his "meat suit". That's about how I felt. Like I'd been stretched out being worn by two people, then it was just me in my skin and it was lonely. I felt safer, then.

Did Not Recognize Myself in a Mirror
by Jay Corvus

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - On January 3, 2013 I ate an entire lemon pie. This caused severe heartburn, and at 289 lbs and diabetic, I was in great distress. I started to talk to God, then yell. Why did God make me so fat, diabetic, high blood pressure and on depression drugs. I begged God to tell me why my marriage was failing and I perceived God was not helping with any of my issues. I was distraught and in pain. I didn't want to live. I fell asleep.

My Walk-in Story - When I awoke, I went into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror but did not recognize myself. How did I get in the big, fat body? I went and threw all the diabetes, blood pressure and Paxil in the garbage. That day I joined a gym. I lost 90 lbs in 90 days. No more diabetes, no more high blood pressure, no more drugs. My entire outlook has shifted. I was concerned, however: I was wearing different clothing, I was a calmer/kinder person. I was struggling to remember things from my childhood. I thought I was going crazy. Then an older person from the community talked to me about walk-ins. I knew immediately that that is what had happened.

My Mum Doesn't Recognize Me Anymore
by Domina

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - I think I am have another soul within me. For many years I've struggled to be strong and achieve. Never held a job, never stuck at anything. Then a few years ago after a break down I changed. I later found myself working as a dominatrix which I still am 3 years later. When I walk into that room someone else takes over. I feel more like an observer than the person doing these bondage techniques. Whoever this soul is that has joined me, she is very powerful and knows things about domination and about every day things and people that were always hidden to me. I feel lost but happy. I'm now succeeding in life.

My Walk-in Story - I think my walk in soul has joined me to help me but mostly to help herself. When she takes over in the dungeon space I see my face and eyes change. Even my clients say my face and voice changes. I find the disadvantages of her within me are that she can be too direct with people about things whereas I am too kind and a bit weak. She is taking over and part of me isn't sure that I want her to. I cannot connect to my friends any more and the people who I used to feel threatened and bullied by are now respecting me. My mum doesn't recognise me anymore. But she loves me just the same. I do not recognise her so well either. I have no feeling about people who have died in my family. I'm not depressed I'm actually the happiest I've even been. I feel safe for the first time in my whole life. I have completed my first year at uni. I've never completed anything in my life. I am in a whole different place in my life that I could only ever dream of.

Challenges of Soul Transfer
by GP

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - I knew I was a walk-in about a month after the transfer, which happened while the body was asleep, because I had no emotional connections or 'spiritual' connections to the prior soul's hobbies, friends, relatives, etc. It was very disconcerting at first, because I didn't have enough of my own soul's energy in the body at the time. The body I came into was in very poor health - some brain trauma (fine motor skills), fibromyalgia, sciatica and chronic fatigue with muscle weakness.

My Walk-in Story - I would have to say the biggest challenges, in my particular case, was correcting the defunct 'mental patterning'. Even though the soul transfer happened when the body was still young (nearly 23 years old), there was plenty of emotional and mental trauma that was extreme that was 'ingrained' in the mental bodies due to abuse and or 'genetic inheritance' (or due to being 'overly sensitive' to the energies of others and unconsciously absorbing their energy and then thinking that it's one's own).

Clear out the subconscious. I cannot stress that enough. I highly recommend the use of essences (like flower essences or gem elixirs, etc.) for this. I have cleared out mental patterns that I didn't even know existed within the psyche and it will be a big help in the 're-wiring' process for the brain. I have a blog about my own experiences: guntherprienslifejourney.blogspot.com<

Shifted Beliefs
by Ghost Girl

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - I read about walk-in souls in the 80's. I had faced a lot of trauma with being an old soul and did want out of the earth agreement since I was 5 yrs old.

My Walk-in Story - Head-trauma, a car hit me and I prayed to leave/die. Only a small injury. This occurred in 1988. I had PSTD a few months. Went forward happily into the music industry. Few yrs later I had horrible "identity crisis" about 3 major times. I felt very unwrapped and my boyfriend said "see a shrink." I became highly aware I should work in healing /psychic energy. I quit show business in 1999.

SOON realization or "like I was acting" a role for people. in this lifetime I felt like my parents were a hologram, it freaked me out. Years later, I have integrated very well, had a stable man in my life. 7 yrs later or so, I completely shifted my world. I am happy, and productive,and grounded, I had created money, bought a home also. And my interests are very very changed, I don't even like music and I spent 15 yrs obsessed, that's a major curiousity to me, although my VOICE is amazing..now (what a waste..lol). Sex changes, food, colors, ideas, sports, body energy, music tastes, ambition, my health is near perfect (wow) I yelled and kicked around my old "friends" but some survived. They said "You CHANGED." I had shifted my beliefs from weakness to strength, from victim to success. I had been attacked, and won lawsuits, got out of major dangers and used my psychic gifts and now am very telepathic, and veil is lifted.


  • It should not be any doubt. but you may be in denial.
  • I made a MISTAKE coming here, I knew at 5 yrs old.
  • It could be have a trial walk-in experience, not a full one, I think I jump in/out of this experience.
  • I never thought suicide was a option, but we have 3 people who did that in our family sadly. So I KNOW better.
  • Make sure you're not having "mental" sickness, don't trade this for that.
  • Don't tell family members unless they INSIST, way to stressful
  • Love HARDER. believe more, heal others, and do your mission and get the h** outta dodge. be HAPPIER.


Terrifying and Traumatic Transition
by Tornado Woman

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - I only recently found out what a walk in is. I had always had a logical explanation for what had happened. The part I could not explain I just didn't remember. When I was a small child from 2 1/2 to 8 1/2 years of age. I was being abused pretty horrifically. I am now 43 years old. When I was 8 I had thought I had a nervous breakdown and went crazy for a while. That's how I remembered it. Last Thanksgiving I smoked some spice and got way messed up and had a very physical memory of the piece I had forgotten. I still attributed that memory to that time when I went temporarily insane.

My Walk-in Story - Fast forward to February and I first heard of this walk-in thing. I completely disregarded it as anything that could have happened to me because I remember my whole life. Fast forward to May. I'm trying to do some spiritual work to heal my wounded child and the memory comes flooding back. I really did have a mental breakdown and I lost the will to live. I believe the new me was chosen because not only do I have a mission in the big change that is coming but I was strong enough to live the life that I had to.

This transition that I experienced was so terrifying and traumatic that I was unable to remember it for 35 years. I was confused and not well. Everything smelled so bad. I thought I was going crazy because every thought felt like a memory on fast forward. I would lay in my bedroom floor and touch things that felt pleasant so I could stay in my body. It took a period of time before I regained my sanity and was able to function and didn't stay in isolation. When it was over I emerged as a strong angry person who no longer liked school and stood up to my abuser.

About a year after, when I was 10 years old I became obsessed with the end of the world and my belief that I had some important unknown part to play and that I needed to learn all that I could. That obsession continued until recently. Obviously, it would be easy to explain it all with psychology. I've been doing it for 35 years. However, the freaky memory thing and the not able to stay in my body very well isn't. The physical memory brought on by the spice was terrifying enough to make me swear it off forever. I feel isolated and alone right now. The only perk I see is that I got to live. I'm grateful for that.

Man Trapped Inside Woman's Body
by Mrs RMG

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - I had been having trouble for the last six years identifying with my life. Everything seemed strange and unfamiliar. People who have known me for years say I'm not the same person. I went from being a very feminine woman to a man trapped inside a woman's body. I now like all things that men like and people say even my mannerisms, facial features and voice have become masculine. I don't remember my past, my childhood. People who have been in my life for years are strangers to me. I now am attracted to women like a straight male. My food, clothes, hobby preferences have all changed.

My Walk-in Story - I have no idea why I chose this life path. I'm wondering if I did choose it or if it was forced on me for some Karma thing. There are no perks that I can see. I now HATE my life. I want out. I am a man and I'm trapped inside this woman's body. Perhaps I mistreated women in my last life and now I must suffer being a woman when I so loved being a man. I think my Walk-in status is a punishment and wasn't a choice. All I want is my former body and former life back. LET ME OUT!!!! I feel like I'm in a prison.

If you wake up one morning and suddenly everything has changed as if you no longer are in a life or body you recognize, then you probably are a Walk-in. Especially if people that have known you for years say you have completely changed and even they don't recognize you any more. Even my views on religion, politics and life philosophies have changed. People said the old me would never in a million years think and feel as I do. I'm now the polar opposite of what the original soul was like that was in this body.

This body I'm in has been going through extreme stress & trauma for over a decade. I think the soul that was original to this body couldn't handle the stress any more and wanted out. This body didn't have a NDE, accident or organ transplant. I just woke up one morning and found myself as a Walk-in.

No Perks to Being a Walk-in
by Lavette

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - I remember before I came into this body, who and what I was. The body was 2 yrs. old when it happened. The previous soul could no longer bear her existence here. I have always known, there has never been a time I didn't know.

My Walk-in Story - I did not choose this soul path. The previous soul could not bear the abuse it was suffering and jumped out of the body. Several souls wanted the body yet I was chosen but I did not want to occupy the body yet. I was told that I was needed here to complete the journey necessary to continue the DNA line and complete the body's predestined life journey. It was necessary to maintain the timeline.

Everyday is a challenge, I am always aware that I am a soul light being having a human experience. This flesh feels like old dirty clothes to me. I am not sure if I would call them perks but I do have abilities others do not have. I know things they do not know and would not believe me if I spoke of them. After 46 yrs. in this body I have found nothing I would call a perk about being a walk-in. We get the lives others don't want or cannot complete. Like the job no one volunteers for. I have always felt different from others yet aware the only difference is I know I am a light being not a human being and they think they are human. Humanity is an idea we are all truly light beings trapped in matter. This place and experiences have their purpose, It is like being in your mother's womb. To die here is to be born there. There is no death, light, is an illumination of energy which can never be destroyed only change forms. We are eternal. I remember AEONS! But this is the toughest 46yrs I have experienced.

It is hard to be here and aware that you are different, don't waste time trying to fit in. Don't expect anyone to believe you when you tell them. It can be a gift or a curse. Find others like yourself. It is the feeling of separateness that is most difficult. You are not here alone. More are coming. Strong powerful, courageous souls! Trust your intuition! Now I tell you a truth: A huge change is coming to this place, soon all will know they are light beings and then you will be ahead of the game. Leaders, teachers, Masters and co-creators of the future. You were chosen because you are a most powerful being and can be depended upon to complete the life course. You are helping pave the way for a better future on this planet for all time. You are so special and greatly loved for your sacrifice, you could have said no. The universe herself cheers you.

New Mother Walk-in
by Eva Lotus

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - During this body's pregnancy with my son I started having out-of-body experiences where I met with my son's soul and another soul who was to take my place after the birth to raise him and carry on my work (I am the walk-in, but it's hard to explain this). I knew 2 weeks before exactly when it would happen, so I told every one I loved them and got ready. I died in my husband's arms at the appointed time, and woke up later in this body, knowing I was a different person who would now be living as Eva. My husband and friends knew right away that I was a different person and my whole life changed.

My Walk-in Story - Because the work we are doing is to transform the world and help human evolution and transcendence through ancient and heavenly wisdom forgotten by mankind. The challenges have been working through the old personalities issues, shedding old friends and gaining new ones who are on the same path. It's great to know that life is eternal and that we souls help each other in this way, and I can approach everything with compassion and humor because I see that most of what is "wrong" here is simply a misunderstanding or misconception of reality. Much of what we are taught to believe is simply wrong. I help a lot of people in a quiet way, but also have a public persona by which I teach people to ask important questions about their beliefs.


  • There is nothing to fear. It may take a long time to adjust and there may be painful separations in your life as you may find yourself with people who are not on your new path.
  • There is also great freedom once you understand the value of the experience.
  • Be careful who you talk to about this, because we are not here to scare people.

Walk-in Remembers Communications with Original Soul
by Celia

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - I find it very difficult to write in my mother tongue. I cannot remember how to write it no matter how hard I try, unless I look up almost every Chinese character in the dictionary. I always feel that I learn English longer than the time I learn Chinese. I only went to overseas when I was 15 and I am 27 years old now. But honestly, when I am learning how to write in Chinese, I feel like as if I was trying to pick up a new language. Plus, I feel distant to all the people I was supposed to know and I use to love chips, fries and sweet things... but not now. I did not even looked at them.

My Walk-in Story - I knew that somehow I was here with the original soul of this body, however she decided to quit and gave me this body because the bullying in the school that she studied was too much for her. She did not wish to become a bully or worse but she was falling deep into darkest quickly. So I talked to her and both of us decided that I should take over. I was being told that no one would miss her and she wished me to make this identify visible to others.


  • I try not to break too many hearts at once by showing them the person that they know is gone, just one at a time.
  • Ask yourself do you feel distance to them because they do something that upset you. Just to make sure that it is not a short term feeling.
  • Try to change your habits one at a time. You do not want to attract unwanted attention. They may try to force you to become the person they knew instead of letting you live your life.
  • Try to join more volunteer work or recreational group so you can meet new people. New people do not have presumption of who you are suppose to be.

Hindu Walk-in Soul
by Vapor Rama

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - I know I am a walk-in soul. That is the only explanation that makes any sense. I became a Hindu after walking in and that also makes sense since the concept is Hindu in origin.

My Walk-in Story - I was in a serious car accident on the night of 11-11-99. I was a passenger in a car driven by a drunk. This body would have died that night if I had not chosen to live in it. I remember a dark void that I waited in... waiting for the body to become conscious again. I know that I chose to come in as an adult because I have so much work to do that being born would have taken up too much time. Being a walk in has many challenges for me. I remember nothing of the first 26 years of this body's life. Not feeling connected to my family or friends that knew "me" before the accident. I also live every day in chronic pain. The bonuses have been a higher IQ than before the accident, knowing how to do things I normally would not know, and the psychic abilities. This is not just a cool concept to pretend happened to me. This is the truth of my existence no matter how difficult.

Walk-in After Failed Suicide
by Myke

My Walk-in Story - I believe I am a walk-in due to the following. I lost just about everything this past summer: best friends, the person I was closest to. Even my family just seemed distant to me. There seemed to be no end in sight, and that was true a month later. I just wanted it all to go away. I grabbed my stepdad's chef knife, which is really long and sharp. All I wanted to do was let go of this life. I came close to doing the act, and then I let go... of the knife. At first I was not sure what happened. When it dawned on me, I turned around and looked over the kitchen. I panicked because I didn't recognize it at first. Same thing happened when my little sister came around the corner. Everything just seemed so weird. I assumed it was from disbelief that I was still alive.

I woke up the next morning freaking out over the same problems. I had no idea what was going on or anything. This feeling went on for a week before I started calming down. Then I just thought it all boiled down to disbelief that I had almost died and was still alive.

Somehow, though, I felt really different. I started looking hard into the mirror. I saw myself. But a second later, it looked like a reflection of a complete and utter stranger. Same face as me, but somehow radically different.

It took everyone else over a couple of months to point out that I was acting unusual. I'm a big-sized kid, so I eat a lot by nature. Now I eat once a day, almost grudgingly. I used to be a junk-food, meat lover's kinda guy. I actually picked celery stalks over Doritos. I used to want to just be on the computer 24/7. I wound up outdoors a lot, singing joking, and laughing. I still maintained the same friendships with the few friends I had left. But, other than that, everything seemed different. Even my mood, which was depressed by default, was the opposite; I'm smiling even as I type this. One other thing is, at night, I think back over my day, then my life, and although I remember the day so clearly, all the events of my life seem blurred and out-of-focus. I even remembered things that people said never happened to me. I don't know if I'm crazy, or a walk-in, or if this is natural of once-suicidal people, but all I know is that, despite all my attempts and suicidal spells in the past, that one changed me.

90% Probability I'm a Walk-in
by Pete

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - Since surviving a rocket attack in Afghanistan in 08, I have felt out of place. By accident or Divine intervention I read this article and it struck a cord. I took the Walk-in-Soul Test and got a 90% probability.

My Walk-in Story - I do not know why I chose this soul path but is is possible that it is related to veterans suffering from brain trauma and possibly a better understanding of PTSD. Since discovering this article on Walk-In-Souls, I have started to experience a calm that I did not have before. I am also relearning many things, and getting a better understanding of human decisions and consequences.>​

Integrating with Another Soul
by Ava Guevara

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - I was told one day that I was a walk-in after a long period of experiencing much automatic writing and knowing I was integrating with another soul. This other soul happened to be an infamous revolutionary that I had not heard of this life. We co-habitat in my body, I have not vacated it for him to have taken over, although sometimes he was very strong about certain issues. I also processed personally much of the suffering he had experienced toward the end of his previous incarnation. I had given him permission to merge with me for the purposes of healing us both of our issues and to expand our consciousness.

My Walk-in Story - The story is so profound (and I keep journals, having over 200 books) that I was directed to publish the entire account which is a compilation of seven of my journals. I was very reluctant to make this experience available for public consumption as I did not wish to be judged as crazy. I went through a long period of both ecstasy from his presence and then became very uneasy with thinking I have been alone too long or was going crazy. It is far too detailed to describe here. I was even directed to change my name, incorporating his former earthly name into mine. The book is called THE CHE DIARIES and can be obtained from a website that I was also 'directed' to create to promote the book. The soul that integrated within mine had important messages to relate back to the earth and to those he'd done harm to. He wanted to set the story straight and no longer be viewed as a hero. When the automatic writing came through, it was a very emotional experience to read it back as I did not know what I was writing at the time I was writing it. My close, long-term friends who read it and know my writing style say I couldn't possibly have written it. Also, when they have visited, they would tell me that they felt a definite presence within my home. My granddaughter, who was 5 at the time, even saw his face transposed over my own and said "Grandma, who is that scary man on your face?" I later showed her photos of several people and she picked out the face of this exact person who has integrated with me.

I had been majorly traumatized for several months by a breakup and a family suicide, so I went on a vacation to Buenos Aires to clear the energy and come home brand new. It turned out to be this soul's prior birthplace. and unbeknownst to me, I was drawn to visit places he had been. Because I was completely traumatized and my life turned upside down, I was both vulnerable and open. He made himself known to me in Argentina beyond the shadow of a doubt when I saw his photo. I have not been 'the same' since. As it turns out, I was 'told' that the fact that I hadn't heard of his previous incarnation, that I lived alone in a cabin out in nature and had no pets or partners created the fertile ground for me to host this individual's energetic matrix. I had intense dreams that I knew were not dreams with him, and my taste in foods and music completely changed. I became somewhat of a recluse having several profound out-of-body experiences where I could not get back.


  • I recited the 23 Psalms, listen to and chant Sanskrit mantras to keep my energy resonating with the highest and sacred vibrations.
  • Research and seek out energy healers to assist and identify the situation.
  • Stay away from anything that alters your consciousness-prescription meds, etc.
  • Take good care of self and treat self well-exercise, get plenty of air and spend time in nature.
  • Don't think u-r going crazy, that will be the tendency.
  • Researching extensively (although I never found anywhere a situation that was quite like mine).
  • Realize we live in a multidimensional reality and anything's possible.
  • Be careful who you tell.

Don't confide in just anyone, as they won't be helpful but will add to your confusion. Don't tell your physician or it will go in your medical record. Trust your intuition with who you share your experience and who you utilize as a practitioner. Some energy healers are frauds & will take advantage.

Tug of War with Walk-in Soul
by Paulie

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - An energy healer informed me that my body was hosting two souls. At first, I thought she was giving me psychic babble. But the more I listened to her and took in what she was saying it started to make sense.

My Walk-in Story - I had been suffering from dark bouts of depression. I had thoughts of "ending it all." I was self-medicating with alcohol. A trusted friend recommended the healer who informed me about having two souls, otherwise, I might have shrugged off what she was telling me. But something rang true in what she was saying. The two souls were Me - the original soul, the second soul, was a someone who had stepped in initially so that I didn't off myself during those darkest days. Afterward, there was an offer put on the table (so to speak) from the walk-in to take over the body, but I wasn't sure that leaving this life behind was the right journey to take. My personality doesn't like to leave things half done. The healer described the relationship between the two of us as "LOVE" but with some emotional tugs. She described it as a friendly game of tug-of-war between children. The walk-in soul was hoping I'd leave but understood the original soul (me!) had the final say. I had squatter's rights you might say. That first meeting with the intuitive healer was five years ago. Working with the healer over several two-hour sessions over several months helped me understand why I was feeling so much inner conflict. Only one soul lives in my body now. I took my life back and sent the walk-in packing. However, I am grateful for the support the walk-in gave me when I was in a dark place mentally. I'm still struggling with this life, but I feel much stronger now.<

Amanda Left the Building
by Amelia

How I Discovered I Was a Walk-in Soul - I am a walk-in into Amanda’s body. It happened almost 5 years ago. In 2008, I ran into someone who told me about soul walk-ins. I had already been saying, “Amanda left the building.”

My Walk-in Story - The challenge is to be able to deal with her past as well as those she knew. It happened so fast and it took me almost a year to realize what had happened. It was an awakening or “rebirth.” I am not comfortable being in this body or looking in the mirror because I only see a woman who looks like Amanda. Who am I? This is the question. Try telling this to a psychiatrist…

 More and more walk-ins are coming in to help others transform during this spiritual shift.We are finding one another, and in America, this is not easy. Thank goodness for the Internet.

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