WALL Surname Meaning and Origin

What Does the Last Name Wall Mean?

The Wall surname was sometimes bestowed on a mason who specialized in building walls.
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The Wall surname has several possible meanings:

  1. a topographical surname often originally bestowed on someone who dwelled at or near a stone wall, from the Old English weall, and Latin vallum meaning "wall" or "rampart." Often this was a wall built to fortify a town or a sea wall. The Wall surname was also sometimes an occupational name given to a special kind of mason; a "wall" was one who specialized in building wall structures. This same meaning also has origins in Germany, from the middle high German wal.
  2. A topographical surname for someone who lived by a spring, from the northern Middle English walle, and Old English wælla, meaning "well."
  3. In Germany the surname could indicate someone who lived near a wall, from the middle high German wal, or be a variant of the last name Wahl, meaning "election" or "choice."
  4. In Ireland, Wall may have originally been de Valle (Gaelic de Bhál), meaning "of the valley."
  5. Wall could also have Swedish origins, from vall, meaning "pasture" or "grazing ground."

Surname Origin: English, Scottish, Swedish, German, Irish

Alternate Surname Spellings: WALLS, WALE, WALES, WAHL, WALLENBERG, WAHLBERG See also WALLER.

Where in the World Is the WALL Surname Found?

The Wall surname is found most commonly in Ireland, according to WorldNames PublicProfiler, especially in the East and South East regions. It is also fairly prevalent in the West Midlands region of England, as well as Sweden, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Forebears has the Wall last name as almost evenly common in both Ireland and Sweden. The Wall surname is fairly evenly distributed across the United States, but is especially common in North Carolina where it ranks #159.

Famous People with the Last Name WALL

  • Max Wall - English comedian and actor
  • Garret D. Wall - New Jersey military officer and politician
  • William Guy Wall - American painter of Irish birth
  • Art Wall - PGA golf champion of the 1950s
  • Lucille Wall - American actress
  • John Wall - English Catholic Franciscan friar; martyr

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