WARD Name Meaning and Origin

One of the most common meanings of the Ward surname is guard or watchman.
Royal guardsman outside the Tower of London. Getty / Arthur Tilley

Ward is a popular last name of Old English and Old Gaelic origins dating back prior to the Norman Conquest of 1066

The Old English surname Ward has several possible meanings:

  1. An occupational surname for a guard or keeper of the watch, from the Old English weard, meaning "guard."
  2. A geographical or topographical surname for a person who lived near a guardhouse or fortress.
  3. Also possibly as a topographical surname from the word werd, meaning "marsh."

The Ward surname may also be of Irish origin from the Irish last name McWard and variations such as MacAward, MacEvard, MacEward, and Macanward. It derives from the old Gaelic name Mac an Bhaird, from the prefix Mac, meaning "son of" and bhaird, a Gaelic word meaning "bard" or "poet."

Ward may also possibly be an Americanized form of the French surname Guerin, which means "guard."

Ward is the 71st most popular surname in the United States. Ward is also popular in England, coming in as the 31st most common surname. Statistics collected in Ireland from the 1891 census peg Ward as the 78th most common Irish surname.

Surname Origin: English, Irish


Famous People With the Last Name WARD

  • Julia Ward Howe - best known as writer of Battle Hymn of the Republic
  • Billy Ward and his Dominoes - successful African-American R&B vocal group
  • Aaron Montgomery Ward - founder of the Montgomery Ward catalog and retail store
  • Hines Ward - former NFL wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • M. Ward - American singer, songwriter

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