Warren Schultz

Warren Schultz has worked in the game industry for over a dozen years, both as a freelancer and for companies such as Interplay, Blizzard, and Epic Games. Over the course of his career he has taken on a variety of roles from developing games to running IT. In his work as the Guide for the Game Industry, he plans to put that experience, as well as his love of writing, to use helping readers find a way into the game industry.


Warren studied computer science and computer art at the University of Findlay and Bowling Green State University, respectively. Post-college he went on to work in Interplay's QA department during the days of Baldur's Gate, Descent, Planescape, and other well-known classic properties. He moved up into development and worked on the Starfleet Command development team. Moving to North Carolina, he joined up with Scion Studios which was eventually absorbed by the parent company, Epic Games, where he ran the IT department for six years. Since leaving Epic, Warren has written a novel, had a short story published, copyedited an RPG supplement, and co-founded a small game studio. Currently, he is working on the second book in the series and doing freelance game development in his spare time.

Warren Schultz

I've been an avid gamer and fascinated by the process of creating games since the days of the Heathkit H-89 that my dad and I assembled from the component level. In the last thirteen years, I've touched every aspect of game development in one way or another. That time has given me much insight into game development, and allowed me to meet and learn from some of the industry's greatest minds. I will be sharing that experience, hopefully giving you the knowledge you need to succeed in today's game industry.

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