WASHINGTON Last Name Meaning and Origin

One possible origin of the Washington surname is a town along a small wash or creek.
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The Washington surname is believed to have originated with the English place name Washington, the name of a parish in Durham, five miles from Gateshead, and also of a parish in Sussex, ten miles from Shoreham. The original bearer of this surname could, therefore, have hailed from either of these places.

The Washington place name itself is derived from the Old English personal name wassa, which means "hunting," combined with the locative suffix -thn, meaning "settlement, homestead."

Another possible origin for the place name comes from weis, meaning "wash," or "the shallow part of a river," plus ing, or "a meadow or low ground," and ton, for "dun, a hill or town." Thus the place name Washington could have been used to describe a town located on a wash or creek.


Surname Origin: English

Where the Washington Surname Is Found

According to WorldNames public profiler, the Washington surname is most popular in the United States, especially in the District of Columbia, followed by Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Alabama. Outside of the U.S., the largest numbers of individuals as a percentage of the total population are found in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom (most particularly in England).

Famous People with the Washington Surname

  • Booker T. Washington - educator and civil rights activist
  • Denzel Washington - American film actor
  • Kenny Washington - one of two Black athletes to reintegrate the NFL in 1946

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