Where to Watch One Piece Anime Episodes Online for Free

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Popular anime series, One Piece
Popular anime series, One Piece. ©1999 Toei Animation Co., Ltd. ©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation

A question a lot of anime fans ask is, "Where can I watch the One Piece anime series and movies online for free?". With the sheer number of One Piece anime episodes about to hit the 700 mark it's no wonder that viewers are looking for a way to watch this popular series without having to buy all the DVDs and Blu-rays which can be very expensive, especially for those One Piece completionists.

Thankfully, like other popular anime series such as Sailor Moon, Bleach, Glitter Force, and Naruto there are now several ways to watch One Piece online completely free that are legal, support the companies involved in One Piece's production, and are fairly easy to understand for the average consumer.

Watch One Piece for Free on Neon Alley

One of the best places to watch One Piece online is Neon Alley which is part of Viz.com. The episodes available on Neon Alley are only in Japanese with English subtitles but with over 600 available for free, it's hard to complain.

Watch One Piece for Free on Crunchyroll

Another option is Crunchyroll which has a few more episodes and with their numerous apps, allow you to watch One Piece on your tablet, smart phone, smart TV or gaming console such as Xbox 360 or Xbox One, Playstation3 and 4 or Nintendo Wii.

Watch One Piece on OnePieceOfficial.com

The official One Piece website also has several episodes to watch though the site's usability may confuse some people and it's hardly the most convenient place to watch a TV show.

In addition to these free methods for watching One Piece, there are also several services that provide One Piece episodes and movies as part of an affordable monthly subscription service or for a one-off payment to own the digitial version that can be downloaded and viewed offline.

Watching One Piece on Hulu

One of the better options is Hulu which has over 600 episodes in original One Piece anime in Japanese and English subtitles but also over 100 episodes with English audio. Subscription plans to access the entire Hulu library of shows and movies starts at US$7.99 a month but most will want to pay for the US$11.99 plan which also removes commercials.

Hulu is also available to watch on gaming consoles, smart phones, and a variety of smart TVs which makes it a fery accessible service for many.

Buying Digital One Piece Episodes on iTunes and Xbox

Those One Piece fans who prefer to own episodes of their favorite anime series may like to buy the digital versions which are available on several digital storefronts in different regions such as Apple's iTunes Store and Microsoft's Xbox Video (recently rebranded as Movies & TV or Films & TV on devices running versions of Windows 10). Those searching for a place to view the One Piece movies will find that buying the digital versions is often the easiest way to get their hands on them.

Availability of the One Piece anime series and movies will differ depending on region so it's always a good idea to compare each service before committing to one platform entirely.

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