Waterfall Firework

How to Make a Waterfall Firework

Waterfall Firework
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A waterfall firework produces a long-lasting shower of glittering sparks, like a fiery waterfall. Here are instructions for making a waterfall firework yourself. This is a bright firework, intended to produce sparks that fall 20-30 feet. The waterfall may be suspended in the air or over a drop, as from a bridge.

Waterfall Firework Mixture

  • Potassium perchlorate
  • Mixture of 50-100 mesh aluminum and titanium and 300-400 mesh aluminum
  • 10% dextrin in water

Prepare the Firework

  1. Mix together equal parts of potassium perchlorate and the metals with enough dextrin solution that you can pack the mixture.
  2. Press the composition into paper tubes approximately 8-1/2 inches x 5/8 inches (internal diameter). You can make the tubes using rolled regular paper, secured on the ends and middle with masking tape. Leave 1/2 inch open at the end of the tube for your ignition mixture.
  3. Combine equal amounts of waterfall firework mixture with gunpowder to make an ignition mixture. Pack ignition mixture and a fuse into the last 1/2 inch of the paper tube.
  4. Let the firework dry for a day or longer.
  5. Suspend a series of the waterfall tubes 20-30 feet in the air, using wire. Link the tubes together using quickmatch.
  6. When it's time, light the quickmatch and enjoy the show!

Waterfall Firework Safety

Be sure the wire used to attach the firework to the supporting structure can withstand the heat of the firework. The burning metal produced by the firework will ignite any grass or brush underneath, so be sure to light this firework over a clean, fireproof area. Expect the sparks to be very hot, so let them burn out on their own. Don't attempt to stamp them out.

Reference: Kurt Schumacher, pyrocreations.com

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