10 Easy Ways for Students to Save Money

Stretch Your Dollars

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While you are in school, and maybe even right after you graduate, you are going to be on a tight budget. Looking for little ways that you can save money will prove to be very important during your school years and beyond. Let's explore 10 easy ways for students to save money.

Stop Buying on Impulse

Impulse shopping can be very tempting while out and about. The problem with this is that you end up blowing money on stuff you don't really need, and sometimes on stuff you don't really want. Before making a purchase, make sure it is truly necessary. 

Don't Use Credit Cards

Credit card companies love giving cards to young people. Many students give into the temptation to buy now and pay later. Unfortunately, these spending habits can come back to bite you. If you find that you can't use credit cards responsibly, hide the plastic until you learn a little restraint.

Give Up Your Worst Habit

Everyone has at least one bad habit. Maybe you smoke, drink Cosmos like no tomorrow, or buy expensive coffee before class. Whatever it is, cut it out. You'll be surprised at how much money you save.

Don't Try to Keep Up With People Who Are Richer Than You

Just because your roommate or your pals down the hall have a seemingly endless allowance, it doesn't mean you do too. Try to avoid keeping up with the people you hang out with and stay true to your budget. 

Bargain Hunt Every Time You Shop

When shopping, look for clearance items or two-for-one bargains, buy used books instead of new, and order the special instead of something off the menu. If you can find a bargain every time you have to buy something, the savings will add up.  

Buy Machine Washable Clothes

You're in college. You don't need a dry cleaning bill! Buy clothes that you can wash yourself. If you must buy dry clean only clothes, try to limit how often you wear them and find ways to cut dry cleaning costs. 

Take Hand-Me-Downs

Whether it is a used book or previously worn clothes, there is no shame in taking hand-me-downs. If somebody offers you something and you can use it, take it gratefully. When you're making more money, you may be able to someday do the same thing for someone else who will be just as grateful.

Stay Home

While it can be nice to get out of the dorm every now and then, staying at home is much cheaper. Instead of going out for the night, invite a few friends over for movies, games, gossip, or snacks. You might also want to give staycations a try. 

See a Matinee

Movie watching is a big part of American culture, but going to the movies with a few friends can be an expensive outing. Instead of going at night, try catching a matinee. Daytime shows are usually half the price of their nighttime counterparts and can be just as much fun. 

Use the Library

Most libraries offer you the chance to check out DVDs, CDs, and other forms of entertainment free of charge. Taking advantage of this resource, you can eliminate the money you spend on buying CDs and renting movies. Here are 12 ways to save money at the library