9 Ways Teen Girls Can Prevent Rape

Statistics show that 1 out of 4 women will be victims of rape by the time they graduate from college, and Christian teens are no less likely to become victims of sexual assault. However, there are some things that Christian teen girls can do to protect themselves and do their best to prevent a potential rape or attempted rape.  And while we can do our best to prevent rape, it's also important to understand that, if you do become a victim, rape is not your fault and that to get help as soon as possible by going to the police or someone you trust.

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Know that It CAN Happen to You

Some Christian teens don't believe they can actually be a victim of a rape. Anyone can be a victim, so you need to be aware of what is going on around you. You can go over "what if" scenarios in your mind so that you can be prepared if you find yourself in a questionable situation.

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Set Boundaries

One of the risk factors for rape is not communicating views on sex. Since most rapes are committed by an acquaintance or boyfriend, it is in your best interest for those you know to understand your views on premarital sex. Then you need to set clear boundaries about what you will and will not do and where you will and will not go.

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There's Strength in Numbers

While many articles on dating discuss avoiding temptation by going on group dates or going out with a group of people, there is also a lowered risk of rape when you follow that advice. Also, avoid being led into places where you are alone or isolated. Staying with the group means staying safe.

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Don't Drink It Unless You Poured It

Date rape drugs are becoming more rampant. While you can control if you drink alcohol or use drugs, you cannot always control what others put in your drink. To prevent someone from slipping you a date rape drug you should not accept drinks that you did not bring or pour yourself.
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Actually, Don't Drink at All...and Don't Use Drugs

Alcohol plays a huge role in rapes, and drugs are not far behind. While you may not choose to drink since you are underage, it does not mean the people around you will abstain. Christian teen girls can be raped even if they are sober and the assailant is not. However, you are more likely to fight your way out of a rape if you are sober.
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Bring Cash or Your Own Car

When you are on a date with someone try to think of ways that you can easily leave. Bring enough money for a taxi so you can get out of any bad situation quickly. If you have your own car it makes it easier to leave any situation that makes you uncomfortable. If you don't have access to a cab or a car, make sure you have a cell phone to call someone close by to pick you up.
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Trust Your Gut

Common sense will get you a long way in preventing rape, but so will your God-given intuition. Sometimes things may just give you a funny feeling. Don't ignore the feeling. If you sense something is "off" then get out of the situation immediately.
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Use Your Voice

"No!" means "NO!" is a common saying associated with rape education, but it is an important part of preventing a rape. Many times men are told that women can be coy and will say "No!" even when they mean "Yes." However, a firm "NO!" will often stop a rape from proceeding. Follow it up with, "Stop it. This is rape." Sometimes the rapist may not even think about his actions being considered rape. If that doesn't work, and you feel you are about to be victimized, yell, "Fire!" It is more likely to bring attention to your situation than "Help!"
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Use Your Body

If all else fails and you are being attacked there are self-defense moves you can use to get away. Whether you are being attacked by a stranger or someone you know, the rapist's body is vulnerable to certain moves that can immobilize the rapist long enough for you to get away. Two teen girls recently put together a free self-defense video called Just Yell Fire! to teach teens how to get away if they are attacked. The video can be downloaded or shipped with no cost.