10 Easy Ways to Celebrate the Environment Every Day

Go on, give Mother Nature a giant bear hug.

The United Nations established World Environment Day in 1972, and it's been celebrated every June 5th since, with the goal to bring greater attention to our planet's most critical environmental issues. Everyone knows this great, big world continues to need a little help. With constant chatter about global warming, land use, and more, there's no time like the present to make a positive and personal impact.

This World Environment Day (WED), the theme is "Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care." Join us as we take on 10 easy, everyday ways to show some love to Mother Nature, beyond just planting a tree — although you can totally do that, too.

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Start a Garden

young woman planting flowers in garden
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You don’t have to be a green thumb guru to create a beautiful garden. You just need to decide what you want to plant, and we’ll help you get down and dirty. How about some no-fuss perennials? Want to grow your own vegetables this summer? Or, if you have limited space, try these tips for container gardening.

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Ride Your Bike

riding bikes in city
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Now that warmer temps are here to stay, we challenge you to leave the car in the garage and cruise around on two wheels instead of four. Not only does it eliminate pollution and the use of gas and oil (saving the environment and money!), biking is also a great workout and can burn up to 500 calories an hour!

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Save Water

Irrigation canal serving drought-ridden agricultural areas of Central Valley, California
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Take shorter showers. Turn off the faucets when brushing your teeth. Rethink your laundry routine. These simple home water conservation tips will lower your bills and save a precious resource we so often take for granted.

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Get a Green Clean

woman cleaning windows
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Still have some spring cleaning on your to-do list? Get rid of those toxic chemicals and opt for a more natural way to spruce things up. There are plenty of excellent green cleaning products available, but you can also make your own!

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Change the Light Bulbs

light bulb
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This is not a joke. It actually only takes one person to change a lightbulb and it happens to be one of the fastest things you (yes, you!) can do for World Environment Day. Swap out those regular ol’ incandescent light bulbs for more efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs. Your much lower electric bill and the Earth will thank you. 

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Eat Local

Summer berries
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Well, this is certainly the tastiest initiative on this list! Celebrate nature’s bounty by choosing fresh produce from your local markets. Just wait until you see all of the yummy and healthy fruits and vegetables in season this summer. 

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Sell Your Stuff

yard sale
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Switching over to your summer wardrobe? It's time to tackle the dreaded task of purging your closets and clearing the clutter. Instead of tossing it in the garbage bin and creating more unnecessary waste for the environment, give your stuff a second chance with these tips for yard sales, consignment shops, and more.

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Go Paperless

Man paying bills online
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Is there anything more annoying than opening up your mailbox to a huge stack of bills? Well, when you go paperless with your billing statements, you’ll cut down on a ton of sorting and shredding time (and save the Earth a little, too). Please note: You still have to the bills.

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Recycle E-Waste

recycling old electronics
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Believe it or not, our planet doesn’t dig it when you just toss out your old cell phones, televisions, and computers. Electronics recycling is becoming a major issue, but you can learn the right way to get rid of your many devices. 

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Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Family hike in mountains
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Yup, we saved the best for last. The best way to celebrate World Environment Day is to just get outside and enjoy it! Go hike a mountain, run through the woods, explore a state park, plan a picnic — you get the point!

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