4 Ways to File Your Canadian Income Taxes

Choose The Best Way to File Your Canadian Income Taxes

In past years the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) increased the number of different ways available to file your Canadian income taxes. The focus has now changed to emphasizing filing online. Filing by phone was discontinued in 2012, and in 2013 the agency stopped automatically mailing out paper income tax packages. You can still get a paper income tax package though, so choose the method of filing that's most appropriate for you and your tax situation.

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File Your Canadian Income Taxes Online

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Most Canadians can file their income taxes over the Internet using NETFILE. You prepare your income tax form using commercial software or a Web application that has been certified by the CRA. Some software certified for use with NETFILE is free.

One advantage of filing online is that you get an immediate confirmation that your return has been received. Another advantage is that if you're owed an income tax refund, you will receive it more quickly, possibly within two weeks.

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File Your Canadian Income Taxes by Mail

No matter how simple or complicated your income tax return is, this method is available to everyone. The only cost is a stamp. Here are the mailing addresses to use when mailing your income tax return. To get started completing your return, see Filing Your Canadian Income Taxes - The Basics.

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Pay a Service Provider to File Your Taxes Online Using EFILE

Use EFILE to prepare your own income tax return then take it to a service provider to file it electronically, for a fee. The advantage is it should be processed quickly.

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Hire an Accountant to Do Your Income Taxes

If your taxes are complicated, if you run a small business in Canada, or you just don't feel you have the time or inclination to file your taxes yourself, you might want to use an accountant to prepare and file your income tax return. Susan Ward, About.com Small Business Canada, has tips on How to Find a Good Accountant. You'll still need to spend some time Getting Your Income Tax Records Ready for Your Accountant.

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