10 Ways to Impress a Science Fair Judge

Great Science Fair Projects from the Judge's Point of View

Science Fair
Science Fair. Blend Images - KidStock, Getty Images

How do you know if your science fair project has what it takes to win an award at the science fair? Here are 10 ways you can impress the science fair judge and take the prize.

  1. Make a genuine scientific breakthrough or invent something new. Judges admire creativity and genuine innovation. You don't need to cure cancer, but you should try to look at something in a novel way or devise a new procedure or product.
  2. Draw valid conclusions from your data. The best project idea will fail if you don't interpret your data correctly.
  3. Find a real-world application for your project. Pure research is commendable, but there is almost always a potential use for the knowledge.
  4. Clearly explain your purpose, how the science fair project was conducted, your results, and your conclusions. Make sure you understand your science fair project and that you can explain it clearly to the science fair judge. Practice describing your project to friends, family, or in front of the mirror.
  5. Understand the background material related to the project. This can be through interviews, library research, or any other method that allows you to gather information not already known to you. Science fair judges want you to learn from your project, so go looking for facts and studies relating to your idea.
  6. Design a clever or elegant apparatus for your project. The paperclip isn't complex, which is part of why it is such a great invention.
  7. Use analytical methods to process your data (such as a statistical analysis).
  8. Repeat your experiment to verify your results. In some cases, this can take the form of multiple trials.
  9. Have a poster that is neat, clear, and free of errors. It's fine to seek help with this part of the project.
  10. Use the scientific method. Combine background research with experimentation and analysis.