10 Ways to Improve Your Writing

Writing scares a lot of people, but there are some easy things you can do to improve your writing enough to feel more comfortable about it, especially if you are thinking about going back to school. Stop worrying and do something about your fear. Brush up your writing skills. We've got 10 ways to get you started.

Create a Writing Space by Jill Sabella - Getty Images
Create a Writing Space. Jill Sabella - Getty Images

Some people write better when they're in a noisy space, like a crowded cafe. Others need the privacy of a calm, quiet space. Create a writing space of your own, just the way you like it. More »

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Writing a personal essay is often one of the first assignments you'll get when returning to school. It's also one of the most flexible and fun. It's about you, so you can't get it wrong. You just need to understand the parts of a personal essay.

When you know what you're doing, writing a personal essay is easy. We'll walk you through the requirements. More »

New York Public Library by victoriapeckham / Flickr
New York Public Library by victoriapeckham / Flickr. by victoriapeckham / Flickr

Writing a research paper is right up there with the personal essay as an assignment you're likely to get in almost any class. We'll show you how to write a research paper in 10 easy steps.

Finding information for your research paper can actually be quite a lot of fun. We'll help you come up with a topic for your paper, and suggest 10 places to research it. More »

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The very best stories, the ones that withstand the test of time, always follow the hero's journey. They include elements of the hero's journey, and that's what makes them so satisfying. Do you know what the elements are? We'll explain each one. If you're writing stories, it's imperative that you understand how to incorporate these elements into your writing.

The bonus is that you'll enjoy reading literature more, too, and you're sure to get a higher grade because you truly understand what's going on. More »

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You've probably heard as many boring speeches as I have. Bah. Don't be boring. Write a speech people (especially your teacher!) remember. In Made to Stick, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, you'll find six principles that make ideas stick with people -- sticky ideas. I like it.

Put sticky ideas in your speech. More »

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I often hear five English grammar mistakes. English is a difficult language to master, even for those who grew up speaking it. English grammar often becomes relaxed and just plain wrong, and we usually aren't even aware that it has.

People tell me they worry their grammar has slipped and they'll be embarrassed by their writing. How's your grammar? We've got five quick English grammar tips for you. Brush up before you go back to school. You might save yourself a little embarrassment. More »

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Whether you call them SMART goals or SMAART goals, writing down what you want to achieve has been proven to make a difference in whether or not the goal actually happens. Make your goals and objectives crystal clear by writing them down in a way that helps you succeed. More »

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If you're really serious about writing better, write a learning contract with yourself. I'll walk you through the process in 12 steps. Ready? Let's get going. More »

If your goal is a GED credential, you'll need to pass the GED writing test. Know what's on it so you can study most effectively. You'll need to understand organization, sentence structure, usage, and mechanics. More »

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Practice makes perfect, we all know that. The more you write, the better you'll become. We've got a list of six more things you can do to practice your writing skills. Two of the most important things you can do are to read and write, write, write. Practice, practice, practice. We've got some ideas that will make practicing a bit more fun. More »