5 Ways to Learn a New Language

Whether you're learning a new language for the first time or adding a fourth, it's important to have many language learning options. Here are five you can use right now.

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The internet is quickly becoming your best place for language learning. Any language can be learned on the internet, including the whistled language of Silbo Gomero. Find lessons and people to practice with on these sites:

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Language learning is likely at its most relaxed on your own TV. Whether you're learning a new language from a cartoon or a DVD, it's nice to be able to do it curled up on the sofa in your jammies. You can brush your teeth later.

Go to your TV's menu and turn on subtitles. It's a great way to see the printed word while you're listening to dialogue.

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CDs and Podcasts

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If you spend a lot of time in your car, language learning podcast or CD might be just the ticket. There are all kinds of audio programs out there to help you learn.

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Reading - Eric Audras - ONOKY - Getty Images 151909763

Language learning books abound. Some are better than others. The most important thing about learning anything from a book is finding the book that speaks to you. Some books are easier to learn from than others, depending on your learning style. Visiting a bookstore or library makes this process easier. Pick up each book possibility and flip through it. You'll know at a glance when you find the right book for you.

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Blogs, Lyrics, and More

Language learning can happen in the most unexpected places. When you're open to learning, you pay more attention to everything around you. That's when you find new words in the least-expected places, sometimes in your own language! Read blogs, memorize song lyrics, find a new friend who speaks another language and learn from each other.