9 Ways to Say Goodbye in Italian

Italian man waving from Fiat
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You’ve learned that there’s more than just 'ciao' when it comes to greeting others in Italian, and now you want to know how to say 'bye' when you leave (the ice cream shop) or un negozio (a store).

Here are 9 ways to say goodbye.

1. Arrivederci! - Goodbye!

At the end of a conversation, you can simply say “arrivederci” and give a wave. While you might see the form “arrivederla” in textbooks, it’s often too formal—even to use with strangers—so you can stick with this form. On its own, it’s still very polite.

2. A presto! - See you soon/Talk to you soon

You could say this at the end of a friendly meeting with an acquaintance that you bumped into on the street or use it to end an email that you’ve written to a friend. It’s more generic in nature, so it’s great to use when you’re not sure when the next meeting will be. A similar generic phrase would be, Alla prossima! - To the next time we meet!”

3. A domani! - See you tomorrow!

This phrase speaks for itself. You use it when you plan on seeing the next person the next day. Feel free to say it to a barista you plan on seeing again tomorrow for your morning caffè.

4. Ci vediamo presto - We’ll see each other soon

This phrase is often used between friends who you plan on seeing later on. You may also hear “Ci sentiamo presto,” which means, “We’ll hear from each other soon.”

5. A risentirci - Until our next meeting

This farewell phrase is very formal. It’s often used in office/work language and at the end of phone calls as a polite closing form. The formal form of this phrase is, “A risentirla.”

6. Torni presto! - Come again soon!

This is something you might hear from a friend you made while on your trip. It will most likely be followed by a hearty “buon viaggio! - have a good trip!” In the informal, it would be “Torna presto,” and you may even hear “Torna presto a trovarci! - Come again to visit us soon!”

7. Mi è piaciuto molto - I enjoyed myself very much

While this isn't a traditional phrase for saying goodbye, it is a great one to use if you want to start wrapping up a social event, like a friend showing you around his or her city. If you want to add something extra, you can also say: “È stata una bella giornata/serata. - It was a beautiful day/night.”

8. Buonanotte! - Goodnight!

The best time to say “buonanotte” to someone is right before they’re going to bed. If you’re leaving a social situation and you want to wish someone a good night, it’s best to stick with “Buona serata,” which means, “Have a good evening.”

9. Buon viaggio! - Have a good trip!

This is a great phrase to use when someone tells you that they’re going on a trip or are returning back home. If you’re visiting Italy, it’s one that you’ll hear often once you announce that you’re returning home. The “buon + noun” structure is used very often in Italian, and other phrases you’ll hear that help end conversations are:

  • Buon proseguimento! - Enjoy the rest of (whatever action you were doing before the conversation started)!
  • Buono studio! - Enjoy studying!
  • Buon lavoro! - Enjoy working!
  • Buona giornata! - Enjoy your day!
  • Buona serata! - Enjoy your evening!
  • Buon divertimento! - Have fun!
  • Buon rientro! - Have a safe trip back home!