Ways to Say "I Miss You" in a Long-Distance Relationship

Gestures Don't Have to be Big to Make a Big Impact

Bouquet of flowers with love
Sharon Lapkin / Getty Images

Dealing with a long-distance relationship? Wish you could do something that, despite the distance, lets your significant other feel like you're right there beside them? Check out these 5 places to start.

  1. Send flowers. It sounds old and cheesy, but it works. And you don't have to be sending flowers to a girl to make it work, either. Practically everyone -- including guys -- loves receiving flowers, and most florists offer arrangements specifically for the masculine type. An unexpected bouquet can cheer up someone and make them feel loved and appreciated for days on end.
  2. Send a care package. Who in college doesn't love a care package? It can be baked goods, music, or special mementos that celebrate your relationship. But no matter what it is, a care package is guaranteed to let someone know how you feel about them.
  3. Make and send a video. It can be sappy. It can be funny. It can be a video of you talking. It can be a video of things you guys have done together. It can even be a montage of photographs of the two of you over the course of your relationship. Regardless, it will be appreciated and cherished.
  4. Make a good, quality phone call. Amidst all you both have to do, spending a solid hour (or more!) on the phone, without distraction, can do wonders for your relationship. Making the time to have a phone date of sorts just may be enough to feel like you're not so far apart after all.
  5. Plan a surprise visit. It doesn't have to be for this weekend, and it may be months away. But knowing that a surprise visit is coming will warm your heart in the meantime -- and mean everything to your boyfriend or girlfriend when you arrive. (If you do go last minute, however, make sure you know how to get the best deals for college students.)