25 Simple Ways to Say Thank You to Teachers

Suggestions explain how to show gratitude to educators

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Most teachers do not receive the admiration and respect that they deserve. Many of them work extremely hard, dedicating their lives to educating youth. They do not do it for the paycheck; they do not do it for the praise. Instead, they teach because they want to make a difference. They enjoy putting their stamp on a child whom they believe will grow up and make a significant difference in the world.

Why Show Gratitude

Teachers have likely impacted their students in more ways than most people understand. Most adults have had teachers who have inspired them in some manner to be a better person. So, teachers deserve praise. It's important to say thank you to teachers as often as possible. Teachers love to feel appreciated. It makes them confident, which makes them better. Parents and students can have a hand in this. Take the time to show your gratitude and say thank you to your teachers and make them feel appreciated. 

25 Ways to Thank a Teacher

These 25 suggestions provide a way of showing teachers, past and present, that you care. They are in no particular order, but some are more practical if you are currently a student and others will work better if you are an adult, and no longer in school. You will need to seek permission from or interact with the school principal for a few of these ideas.

  1. Give teachers an apple. Yes, this is cliché, but they will appreciate this simple gesture because you took the time to do it.
  2. Tell them that you appreciate them. Words are powerful. Let your teachers know what you love about them and their class.
  3. Give them a gift card. Find out what their favorite restaurant or place to shop is and get them a gift card to indulge. 
  4. Bring them their favorite candy/soda. Pay attention to what they drink/snack on in class and keep them supplied periodically.
  5. Send them an email. It does not have to be a novel, but tell them how much you appreciate them or let them know what kind of impact they have made on your life.
  6. Send them flowers. This is a terrific way to say thank you to a female teacher. Flowers will always put a smile on a teacher's face.
  7. Do something memorable for their birthday whether it is giving them a cake, having the class sing happy birthday or getting them a special gift. Birthdays are momentous days that should be recognized.
  8. Write them a note. Keep it simple and let them know just how much they mean to you.
  9. Stay late and help them get organized for the next day. Teachers have plenty to do after students leave for the day. Offer to help straighten their room, empty trash, make copies or run errands.
  10. Mow their lawn. Tell them that you would like to do something special to show your appreciation and ask them if it would be OK to come over and mow their lawn.
  11. Give them tickets. Teachers love to get out and have a good time. Buy them tickets to see the newest movie, their favorite sports team or a ballet/opera/musical.
  12. Donate money toward their classroom. Teachers spend a lot of their own money on classroom supplies. Give them some cash to help ease this burden.
  13. Volunteer to cover a duty. This is a fabulous way for parents to say thank you. In general, teachers are not excited about covering duties, such as acting as the scorekeeper at a game or chaperoning a prom, so they will be extra excited when you do. Ask the principal first if it is OK.
  14. Buy them lunch. Teachers get tired of eating cafeteria food or bringing their lunch. Surprise them with a pizza or something from their favorite restaurant.
  15. Be an exemplary student. Sometimes this is the best way to say thank you. Teachers appreciate students who are never in trouble, enjoy being at school and are excited to learn.
  16. Buy them a Christmas present. It does not have to be elegant or expensive. Your teacher will appreciate anything that you get her.
  17. Volunteer. Most teachers will appreciate the extra help. Let them know that you are willing to help in any area that you may be needed. Elementary school teachers will especially appreciate this help.
  18. Bring donuts. What teacher does not love donuts? This will provide an excellent, tasty start to any teacher’s day.
  19. Contact them when they are sick. Teachers get sick too. Check on them via email or social media or text and let them know you hope they get well soon. Ask them if they need anything. They will appreciate that you took the time to check on them.
  20. Post on social media. If your child’s teacher has a Facebook account, for example, let him know how much you appreciate all the things he does.
  21. Be a supportive parent. Knowing that she has tremendous parental support makes a teacher’s job much easier. Backing a teacher's decisions is an excellent way to show your appreciation.
  22. Tell the principal how much you appreciate your teacher. The principal evaluates teachers regularly, and this type of positive feedback can factor into evaluations.
  23. Give them a hug or shake their hand. Sometimes this simple gesture can speak volumes in showing your appreciation. Be cautious when giving a hug that it is appropriate.
  24. Send them a graduation invite. Let your teachers know when you have reached a milestone such as graduating high school and/or college. They played a role in getting you there, and including them in this celebration will let them know just how much they meant to you.
  25. Do something with your life. Nothing says thank you like being a success. Teachers want the best for every student that they teach. When you are successful, they are successful because they know they had some influence on you for at least nine months of your life.
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