20 Ways to Spend New Year's Eve in College

From going clubbing to going camping, find an idea that works for you

College-aged young adults at a party
Patryce Bak/Getty Images

New Year's Eve in college can be fun and exciting as well as challenging, as many students are away from campus and their usual college friends. There's no need to let your college New Year's Eve go to waste, however. Check out these ideas for keeping things fresh, fun, and funky.

20 Ways to Spend Your College New Year's Eve

  1. Hang out at home with your high school/hometown friends. If you're spending the winter break home with your parents, head out with your friends. You can reminisce about years' past and celebrate your enduring friendships.
  2. Head to Vegas. Because really, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. There are some great deals to be had and great parties to attend, not to mention the 24-hour gambling.
  3. Head to New York City. Never seen the official ball drop in Times Square? Grab some friends and head to NYC for an everyone-should-see-it-at-least-once experience.
  4. Go camping. If you need a break from the chaos of your everyday life, head out into the wilderness. You can ring in the new year beneath a blanket of stars.
  5. Plan a romantic dinner with your significant other. You can go out or cook something together at home. Add two candles and as a bonus, have someone to smooch as the new year arrives.
  6. Head to a fun club with a crazy band you've never heard of. Step outside of your comfort zone, grab some friends and do something funky.
  7. Do something back at school. The residence halls may be closed, but many students are still living in their Greek houses or in off-campus apartments. Plan something away from campus that still allows you to celebrate with your college friends.
  8. Line up and camp out for a football game. Head to a bowl game where you can camp out the night before with other fans. When else will you be able to do so, except for during your college years?
  9. Volunteer. Look for something in your community. Go on an outdoor trip and work on trail maintenance. Head to another country. There are plenty of volunteering options that will take you into the year with good will.
  10. Head out somewhere fun with your high school and your college friends. Why not blend the best of both worlds?
  11. Go somewhere swanky. Think much, much fancier than you're used to. Head somewhere swanky and opt for an evening of elegance.
  12. Host a costume or theme party. And do so with style, too. How about the 1920's, anyone?
  13. Rent a cabin in the woods. It can be with your high school friends, your college friends, your significant other or everyone.
  14. Hang out at a ski resort. If you ski, you can hit the slopes. And if you don't, you can curl up with hot chocolate and enjoy the scenery. What's not to like?
  15. Go backpacking or hiking. Head out for a midnight hike (with at least one other person, of course) to ring in the new year in a unique and exhilarating way.
  16. Go on a skydiving or bungee-jumping trip. Some places offer multi-day excursions. Make your new year one to remember!
  17. Spend time with your family. The longer you're away at school, the less time you have to spend with your family. Take a break from the college scene and enjoy the evening with your family instead.
  18. Spend the evening writing or journaling. Some folks reflect and process things best when they write things out. Take the night to yourself and write to your heart's content.
  19. Host a "creative" New Year's Eve party. Set up supplies (or have your guests bring their own) and create an atmosphere of creative energy for people to paint, sculpt, write music, or create other works of art.
  20. Spend a quiet night in and get some sleep! Catch up on two of the most sacred resources for many college students: time and sleep. Celebrate your year by indulging in both.