We Saw John F. Kennedy in Early 1990s

Nibor believes he saw JFK long after his assassination... or was it his spirit?

I know that you probably won't believe my story, but it is true. My honor and dignity as a Christian is important to me. Even today, I am still frightened by what I saw that day back in the early 1990s. I live in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and was working in a retail store as a sales manager back then.

The day was a usual summer day, June or July, and the sun was shining bright. Inside the store, I began walking to the back of the store to go on break or get my paperwork, I can't remember which. The store was large, and when I had walked a certain distance it seemed like time had stood still and nobody was around me. It was really strange. Only a good friend and fellow sales manager was near me, and then we both saw him.

A man came walking toward us and we just stood in awe at what we were seeing. We both knew instantly who the man was. You see, the man was President John F. Kennedy at an age he would have been in the early 1990s, in his early 70s with gray hair.

Well, you might ask, could it have been a person who resembled the late President Kennedy? No, because something about him made us "know" who we were seeing. The man wore ordinary clothes, but he had a massive scar down the entire left side of his skull -- the very area the fatal head shot was fired and killed the President in Dallas, Texas, on November 1963.

It looked as if that side of his entire left skull had been blown away and reattached somehow. The scar marks were plainly visible to see. He looked right at me and continued walking until he got out of sight. My friend and I just stood there staring at each other. I said, "Did you just see what I saw?" My friend said, "Yes, but I'm sure not going to tell anybody about it."

We agreed to keep quiet. I ran to find the Kennedy ghost man again, but he was gone -- he simply vanished. This story is absolutely true, and I never even told my fiancée about it. I keep asking myself today why the deceased President John F. Kennedy would contact me, of all people. He had always been my favorite U.S. President, but this was crazy.

I indeed saw JFK in some sort of purgatory spirit world or his spirit contacting me for some reason or another.

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