Should I Where a Brace for My Tendinitis?

Question: Should I Where a Brace for My Tendinitis?

Answer: No. When dealing with a tendinitis limiting the repetitive stress is good, but immobilizing the joint is bad. But the really bad thing is when you where a brace and continue to use the joint suffering from tendinitis. The injury needs rest. A brace is often used as a crutch and much like walking on a sprained ankle you will continue to injure the tendon.

You should not use a brace or splint unless under the direction of a medical professional proficient in repetitive stress treatments. If you are treating your tendinitis yourself follow these guidelines.

Use a brace only at times of rest when you won't be tempted to overuse the injured joint. At other times allow pain to be your guide. If it hurts don't do it. Remember the goal is to heal the injury, not continue to work while wrecking your body.

If you need to use the joint consider using a flexible support, such as a sports wrap bandage. This can keep the area warm and supported while limiting the range of motion. So you'll have less chance of causing further injury to the affected area or to over stress a new area thereby injuring that (a common side affect of using a brace).