Weather Events We'll Remember in 2017

This year has had its share of weather disasters, including the historic Louisiana state floods. But rather than take a look back at the billion dollar and record-breaking weather events of 2016 with a year-end list, we'd like to do something a little different... Here's a look ahead into 2017 and the devastating storms in U.S. and world history that will mark significant anniversaries in the new year.

Let us never forget that, as exciting as a tornado, hurricane or typhoon may be to some of us, it is still a personal (and often tragic) event to those who directly feel its impacts, and should always be remembered with sensitivity.  

Edmonton Tornado: 30-Year Anniversary

1900 Storm Memorial Statue In Galveston, Texas
This monument in Galveston, TX commemorates the great hurricane of 1900. Mabry Campbell / Getty Images

July 31, 1987

2017 is the thirtieth anniversary of Alberta, Canada's Edmonton tornado —an F4 tornado that traveled for over 19 miles during its hour-long duration. Responsible for 27 deaths and 300 injuries, it is the second deadliest tornado in Canadian history. 

Hurricane Andrew: 25-Year Anniversary

August 23-27, 1992

Andrew may have happened in the last century, but it's a name anyone who tracks hurricanes won't soon forget. Even today, twenty-five years after it's occurrence, it still ranks among the top 5 in record-breaking Atlantic hurricanes. 

  • Andrew is the 5th most destructive US hurricane (it destroyed over 125,000 homes and caused $27 billion US dollars ($46.4 billion 2016 USD) in damages)
  • It's the 3rd strongest landfalling US hurricane (it hit Florida as a Cat 5 with maximum sustained winds of 165 mph)
  • In terms of central pressure, it is the 4th most intense US hurricane with a central pressure of 922 millibar.  

As devastating a storm as Andrew was, one positive outcome was the creation of a Florida state-wide building code in 2002 which established new codes for roofing, and required that all materials used in home construction meet approved hurricane standards. Studies reveal that homes built under this new code sustain less damage on average than those built pre-Andrew.  

Hurricane Iniki: 25-Year Anniversary

September 11-12, 1992

The island-state of Hawaii has only taken a direct hurricane hit a handful of times, and of those, Iniki is the strongest storm to deal that blow. With a damage estimate of $3.1 billion ($5.3 billion 2016 USD), it remains the costliest hurricane in Hawaii's history, and the 3rd costliest Pacific hurricane on record.

Greensburg Tornado: 10-Year Anniversary

May 4, 2007

This year is also the 10-year anniversary of the Greensburg tornado -- an EF5 tornado that destroyed 95% of the city of Greensburg, Kansas. It was the first tornado to be rated a "5" since the Fujita scale was updated to the EF-scale, and also the first tornado to be rated a "5" since the Moore, Oklahoma tornado of 1999.     

Hurricane Sandy: 5-Year Anniversary

Sinking roller coaster in the wake of a hurricane
Alex Fradkin / Getty Images

October 30-31, 2012

Halloween 2017 will no doubt be a somber occasion, especially for residents of New Jersey and New York as they commemorate the 5th year since Hurricane Sandy. 

Although it only peaked as a category 3, Sandy's $65 billion in damages ranks it as the second costliest hurricane in US history.

Like Andrew, Sandy also changed weather for the better. Because the storm made landfall as it was weakening below hurricane strength, no hurricane warnings were issued to communities ahead of the storm. As a result of the devastation it wrought, the National Hurricane Center changed its rules on hurricane alerts, allowing hurricane and tropical storm watches and warnings to be issued anytime post-tropical cyclones threaten life and property.    

China's Yangtze River Floods: 1-Year Anniversary

June - July 2016

Summer is ordinarily monsoon season in China, but rainfall along the monsoon frontal boundary was particularly severe thanks to the summer of 2016 being a post-El Nino summer. A series of torrential rains totaling over 3 feet fell over the month-long period, flooding an area comparable to the size of Massachussetts and Vermont combined and killing nearly 400.

At a cost of $22 billion, the Yangtze River flooding ranks as Earth's 5th costliest non-US weather disaster ever recorded. 



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