What Your Weather Dreams Are Trying to Tell You

When was the last time you dreamt of weather? Unless you happened to have watched a doomsday natural disaster film before bed or have recurring nightmares linked to a weather phobia, it probably wasn't last night. But if you ever have noticed weather in your dreams, especially severe weather, you know that it can be a very unsettling memory long after you've awaken.

Don't be too quick to put it out of your mind! Just as weather is significant to our daily operations, in the dream world, weather is said to represent our real life emotional and mental inclinations. 

What are your true emotions trying to tell you? Decipher their message by matching the weather in your dream to the weather event, conditions, and seasons listed here.


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To see white, fair weather clouds represents inner peace and harmony. It could mean an issue in your waking life is nearly resolved. 

To dream of walking on a cloud signifies you have a sense of control over a situation and are feeling "on top of things."


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Dreaming of a drought can indicate that you are void of emotion, possibly as the result of some major loss in your life.


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Dreaming of a flooded house suggests that your emotions are running wild and are overwhelming you. Tensions are likely also high.


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A thick fog symbolizes confusion, uncertainty, and worry. You may be having trouble figuring something out, may not be thinking clearly, or may not see something for what it really is. (This could be because you're getting mixed signals.) Fog can also indicate that you've lost your sense of direction--either in life in general or about something in particular.


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A hailstorm represents feelings of utter despair. Some situation beyond your control is causing you to emotionally shut down/withdraw. 

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hurricane, huracán
hurricane, huracán.

A hurricane represents powerful conflict or destructive behavior that you're in danger of experiencing, either as a result of your own actions or of those of someone else which are directed towards you. It can also signal that you're being pressured or pushed to do something against your will.

Dreaming of these storms is indicative of a very big negative change.   



To see lightning signifies sudden awareness, insight, revelation, and an rapid change in the way you think or feel.  

To dream of being struck by lightning symbolizes irreversible changes occurring in your life; you're undergoing a permanent transformation.


rain, lluvia
rain, lluvia.

Rain symbolizes your spiritual life, particularly forgiveness and grace. 

If you get wet from being outside in the rain, it's an indication that you are being cleansed from your troubles. 

Watching rain from a window can be a symbol of spiritual growth.

Alternately, rain can also serve as a metaphor for sadness and disappointment.


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To see a rainbow in your dream is a sign of success and good fortune, especially when it comes to money, prestige, or fame. It can also signify joy and happiness in a relationship.  


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Snow, including watching snow fall, represents a fresh start or a second chance. It can also indicate peace and tranquility on a spiritual level. Snow can also have negative connotations, for example, it may represent the harshness of having to undergo a new beginning as well as the emotional isolation one may feel while going through it.

Melting snow represents the overcoming of fears or obstacles.  

To play in the snow points to a time of enjoyment and relaxation. It is also a sign that you are (or need to be) taking advantage of an opportunity that's arising.

To find something in the snow means that you're exploring and tapping into your unused potential and hidden talents and abilities. It can also indicate the need to forgive.


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To dream of the spring season signifies hope, creativity, or a renewal of some kind. It can also represent the feeling that a previous problem no longer matters. 


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To see a storm signifies some significant shock, loss, catastrophe, or struggle occurring in your life, as well as any fears, anger, or other strong, negative emotions which you haven't outwardly expressed and are keeping bottled up inside. It may also signal the rapid approach of a life change ahead.

To take shelter from a storm is considered a favorable dream. It's thought to mean that whatever hardships are occurring in your life will soon blow over; until then, you'll have the strength needed to weather the storm.


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To dream of

he sun represents enlightenment, positivity, healing energy, and divine power. If
the sun is shining, it is a symbol of fortune and good will.


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Hear thunder rumbling in your dream? To hear thunder while dreaming signifies a violent outburst of anger or aggression. It can also serve as an audible wake up call indicating that you need to pay close attention as there is some important life lesson to be learned. 


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Tornadoes represent volatile or destructive people, situations, or relationships in your life.

To be in a tornado can mean that you're feeling overwhelmed or out of control.


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To dream that the wind is blowing symbolizes your energy or drive and may suggest that you should work harder at achieving your goals. 

Strong or gusty winds tend to represent trouble or stress you're dealing with in your waking life.


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To dream of signifies ill health, depression, and misfortune. It can also signal that a period of reflection and introspection is needed.


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