Weather Games and Simulations

Educational and Fun Games for Weather Fans

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If weather is your hobby or passion, you will find this list of weather games a fun alternative to just browsing for weather articles. The games are appropriate for most any age level.

The Snowflake Maker

This is a wonderful program for the younger student. The activity is brought to you by Explore Learning. The gizmos available on this site are a subscription-only service. The purpose of the Explore Learning site is to offer modular, interactive simulations in math and science for teachers and students. There is a free trial available to try the program.

10 Interactive Weather Word Search Puzzles

Not just one, but 10 complete and interactive weather word search puzzles are available from the Southeast Regional Climate Center. Topics include tornadoes, weather instruments, climate, air pollution, UV radiation, and more. Easy and fun to complete.

The Scholastic Interactive Weather Maker

Kids will get a kick out of this Flash program where you decide the weather for a day. Variables that can be manipulated include the relative humidity and the temperatures at the equator and poles. The site links into a Weather Watch page which increases student knowledge in the atmospheric sciences by giving lessons on cloud observations, weather forecasting, and the use of weather instruments.

Create a Hurricane

Several hurricane activities are listed here which demonstrate the power of hurricane-force winds. In one game, you can create your own hurricane by choosing ocean temperatures and wind speeds. In another game, you can see the winds needed to destroy a home. Finally, you can use the Tropical Cyclone Tracker to see the path of a hurricane.

The Weather Wizards from National Geographic

I love this activity. This weather game puts you in the driver's seat of a storm chase vehicle. As you answer a series of questions about tornadoes, you drive closer and closer to a tornado that has been spotted on the ground. Every correct question brings you 10 miles closer to the tornado!

The Hurricane Name Game from the Southeast Regional Climate Center

Do you know what names are retired for hurricanes? Each of the images in this weather challenge asks you to match the satellite image of a famous and very damaging hurricane to the names. While it can be difficult, there are hints that can be seen in the background when you look at the locations on the US map.

The Wild Weather Adventure from NASA Space Place

One to four players can compete in this fun weather game. The object of the game is to be the first to pilot your Weather Airship from San Francisco, California all the way around the world and back across the USA to Miami, Florida. The game is very simple to play but also technologically advanced. While many games are simple weather crosswords, this game has a full game board, spinner, and great weather and geography questions to challenge most any age level. One of the best weather games out there!

The Cloud Concentration Game

Learn the types of clouds from lenticular and mammatus to cumulus and stratus with this fun weather matching game. The images are spectacular and very accurate. Also included in the activities link are various weather lessons including how to make a tornado in a jar, how to determine the distance to a thunderstorm, and how to make lightning. An excellent site for teachers and students.

The Weather Dog Quiz Game

Fun Brain brings you this interactive quiz with a weather dog! The questions are crossword based and come in three difficulty levels for several age groups. You fill in the missing words to solve the puzzle.

The Hurricane Slider Puzzle

Not the most educational weather puzzle, but a fun slider that you can complete online. Most of the images are of hurricanes. Some are real images while others show radar and satellite images.

Weather Map Symbols Concentration Game

Using weather map symbols as the cards for an interactive game of concentration can help students to understand the meaning of different weather symbols used on forecasting maps. While it can be played purely as a game, there is also a link to show the meaning of each symbol.

Weather Map Symbols Game

While looking at an animated weather map, you must test your knowledge of fronts, air masses, and temperatures. Each of the weather maps is covered with the weather symbols indicating a forecast for the United States. Questions at the bottom of the map ask you to click on the areas where there are the highest temperatures, most chance of rain, wind speeds, and more.

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