Tornadoes, Lightning, Thunderstorms and More

Dangers Lurk in Alabama

Alabama weather is punctuated by

The Office of State Climatology (AOSC) in Alabama will provide you with lots of details on Alabama climate and weather. You can also find details on the number of heating and cooling degree days in Alabama as well as the average climate in Alabama in this PDF file. Please be patient downloading this document.

Tornadoes are one problem in Alabama. With a peak tornado season between March and May, Alabama continues to be slammed by an average of 23 storms per season. Tornado chasers and citizens alike know that Alabama can be a location for severe storms.

Tornado Videos and Tutorials

Weather Safety

  1. I would recommend that anyone living in an area prone to tornadoes should have a weather alert radio or weather scanner. Often, electricity is the first item to go down in a severe storm. You could be stranded without important weather news updates on storm paths.
  2. All families need to practice a weather evacuation plan with their kids. Having a severe weather plan may save your family from tornadoes and other natural disasters.
  3. Preparing an emergency kit is also an important safety measure to take when a tornado or other severe storm threatens your area. You should make a home weather kit as well as an emergency kit for your car. (Although I wrote these articles about winter, the ideas are the same!)
  4. You can also teach younger students about tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and lightning with weather coloring books. These free downloads can be printed and colored by students for greater understanding of the severity of storms in Alabama. The links will take you to a free PDF file for downloading.
  1. Those willing to invest some money into safety can also purchase a Portable Weather Location Beacon. These devices use satellite technology to locate stranded victims of natural disasters. Boaters, hunters, storm survivors and more have benefited from this technology. To date,


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