6 Web sites for Legal Music Downloads

Download Music Legally

Many Web sites offer music downloads either for free or for a fee. However, not all of these sites are legal or approved by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). Here are 6 online music sources where you can listen to and download music legally.

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Amazon MP3

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If you'd like to add more songs to your collection, Amazon offers legal music downloads at a reasonable price. The great thing about Amazon MP3 is their vast music library which makes it easy for music-lovers to find any song or album they are looking for.

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Download Fundraiser

Is your church, school or organization planning a fundraiser? Download Fundraiser offers an alternative to typical fundraisers using the power of music. Learn more by reading this brief profile.

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eMusic offers legal music downloads and audiobooks in DRM-free digital format. Their vast music catalog makes it possible to find any song or artist that you are looking for; both established and indie.

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iMesh is another online community where you can discover new performers, listen to music by your fave artists and get connected with fellow music aficionados. The iMesh software can be downloaded for free; this allows you to download music and video from other iMesh users.

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iTunes is probably the most popular digital media player application and online digital media store today. In the latest version of iTunes, every song in their online store is now in 256 kbps AAC encoding and DRM-free.

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Rhapsody makes it easy for members, and even non-members, to listen to their favorite performers. Search for tracks either by artist, genre or title, get recommendations, create playlists and listen to ad-free music from several Rhapsody Channels.