Website Lessons We Can Learn from Super Bowl Advertisers

What the big game can teach us about successful marketing strategies

Fans celebrating a football game
For many, the ads are as big a part of the big game as the game itself.

Super Bowl week is an annual event which has grown from being just another football game to a worldwide entertainment extravaganza.

Contributing to the popularity of this event are the various ads that will run during the game. There are some important lessons website owners and marketers can learn by studying how companies advertise during the Super Bowl.

Go Where Your Customers Want to Hear From You

Super Bowl ads are expensive (more on that shortly).

The reason that the network broadcasting the game can charge what they do for those spots is not only because companies know that there will be millions of viewers exposed to these ads, but also because they will actually look forward to them!

Super Bowl ads have become almost as big as the game itself, and many viewers anxiously await the ads. This is fairly unique in advertising and these companies known that by taking out a spot during this game, they will not only have a large audience but an enthusiastic one as well.

As website marketers, we are often tempted to cast the widest net possible and try it all, from search engine marketing to social media, to email, etc. In many ways, this can be a winning strategy, but before you decide which channels you will advertise with and spend your resources (both time and money) on, you need to consider where you actual customers are and whether or not they want to hear from you on that channel.

For instance, Facebook may be a wonderful source of exposure for many organizations, but if your customers are not on that social network looking for what you have to offer, it may not be the best fit for you.

Success Requires a Budget

Super Bowl ads are not cheap (reportedly $5 million for a 30-second spot this year).

While the advertising you will do for your website will not be nearly as expensive as these ads, the fact of the matter is that advertising successfully does require a budget.

The exact budget you will need for effective advertising will depend on a number of factors. One option to consider is hiring an agency that specializes in this type of advertising. Even though you will have to pay them additional fees, that organization can likely save you money in the long run by making sure you are spending your ad dollars correctly. This is no different than the large companies hiring ad agencies to craft their commercials. Those large companies may have in-house resources that can create ads, but by partnering with the experts, they are making sure they are making the best choices in their marketing plans.

Make It Memorable

The day after the big game, many people will be talking about the most “buzzworthy” ads that appeared. The ones that people will recall are either because they were funny or touching or memorable in some way. Just having an ad is not enough – it needs to be great, just like marketing your website is not enough unless you are doing your part to make it memorable.

One of the best ways to create a memorable experience is to add some “fun” to your site.

While many companies think that their sites cannot benefit from a fun approach, there is almost always a way to add a little delight to an experience to make it memorable.

Another way you can create content that resonates online is to tell stories with that content

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket (or Ad)

The companies who advertise during the Super Bowl do, indeed, spend substantial amounts of money to do so, but this is not all that they do in terms of advertising and promotions. As big an event as the Super Bowl may be, it is simply one aspect of their larger marketing strategy. Your website’s marketing plans need to take a page from this playbook and not commit all your resources to one channel.

By smartly focusing on multiple channels where your customers are and where they expect you to be too, you give your site the best chance to make a positive connection with an audience.

Capitalize On Your Investment

Having a memorable ad run during the Super Bowl is great, but these companies know that they have to have a plan to capitalize on those ads once the game is done. Similarly, your company must have a plan of action for how to follow up on leads that your marketing efforts create so that the ad dollars that you spend equate to new business.

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