Weird Text Messages

Lindsay receives a series of weird, scary and unexplained text messages

I am 28 years old. I live in Washington D.C. and I've had an assortment of weird things happen to me. There are many haunted houses and areas in this location. It's very fun, especially for me since I have such a great interest in the paranormal.

The incident I'm about to share happened a few weeks ago. It isn't as scary as it is alarming and peculiar and definitely wasn't very "fun" for me at all.

I was lounging around at home by myself, watching televison, when I got this text message on my phone, "Linzy i c u." from a number I wasn't familiar with. I knew nobody could see where I was (on my bed in my upstairs bedroom with the shades drawn.) But I instinctively looked around anyway and even peered out the window. Nobody was around. It was a cold, blustery day so there weren't many people out and about anyway.

I texted back, "Who is this???"

The reply was,"Just a friend. sum1 who watches ur every move. ur lil guardian angle."

Now I knew it wasn't a friend because none of my friends text like that and they all know how to spell. None of them would have spelled the word "angel" wrong. And so I texted, "You're no friend of mine if you can't spell my name right and you can't even spell the word ANGEL correctly."

The response was, "doesnt matter. r u havin fun watchin ur tv?" This gave me chills.

Who would be watching me? There was nobody around, unless this person was in the house. So I ran around checking the doors and windows and other rooms,even the garage. I was definately the only one there.

I settled down in the family room and texted back, "If you don't tell me who you are, i am calling 911."

The reply was, "Good luck with that. I am standing right next 2 u but nobody will ever find me."

I stupidly looked behind me. Of course nobody was there, but by this time I was getting pretty freaked. I grabbed the house phone and dialed the number the texter was from. It was what I feared: an automated answering service stated, "We're sorry but the number you have dialed is not in service."

I tried telling myself that maybe the texter didn't have minutes or something. There HAD to be a logical explanation for this -- someone was just playing a sick prank on me.

Then I get this text, "I love ur new blond hair."

I had just gotten my hair done for my 28th birthday a few days prior to this. Few people had seen it and not even most of my friends had seen it. I hadn't even had an updated picture yet on my Facebook wall. By this point, I'm panicking pretty badly and I am close to tears.

So I did the most rational thing I could think of -- I called 911. The operator tried calming me down after I explained that I thought someone was in my house and was somehow sending me threatening text messages on an unidentified number. The operator said that they'd send someone over to investigate.

Right after hanging up, I get this: "Linzy why did you have to do that?"

"do what?" I texted back.

"U kno what u did." came the reply.

"No i am sorry but I don't know what this is in reference to." I texted back, hoping that the texter would think I wasn't as scared as I felt.

"Linzy, nobody is goin 2 help u. nobody is goin 2 beleve u."

"Why wouldn't they?" i texted back, the fear mounting.

"cuz i cannot be found. you will only u always do."

The texter was starting to get personal and was only upsetting me more.

"Where are you, you stupid psycho stalker!" I texted back, enraged.

"Aw lindzy that wasnt nice."


"U will c. someday."

There was a sudden knock on the door and I about jumped out of my skin. The officer was here. It was an officer I am familiar with and we have actually become semi-friends over the years. He checked out the house and told me what I already knew: nobody was here.

Then I showed him the text messages and he took down the number and said they would try everything they could to find out who this person was. In the meantime, he said, just turn your phone off. So I did.

And I honestly haven't gotten anymore weird texts like that again. I haven't heard anything from the police station either, though and I am hoping they didn't think the whole thing was a prank put on by me.

People talk about weird phone calls they've gotten on this site, but as technology progresses, it seems like the paranormal progresses along with it and is finding new ways to contact and connect to us.

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