Weird, Unexplained Coupon Phenomenon

Summer relates a strange incident involving a hardware store and some rebate coupons

This happened March 26, 2016. My husband and I were going to the hardware store over the long weekend to get some garden supplies and stuff for our kitchen. I had two rebate coupons and I showed them to my husband as we walked in the store. I said, "I'll put them in my purse so we don't lose them."

We were in the store and my husband was measuring some things and getting putty.

I went to the lawn furniture. My husband came over and was looking at some other stuff and asking an assistant for prices.

We both decided to go to the garden center and as we were, my husband said, "Here are those two rebate coupons."

I said, "I thought I put those in my purse?" He didn't say anything and we got to talking about what we needed. I thought, Gee, I'm tired. Maybe I did give those to him. So we continued shopping.

We got to the checkout and I gave the cashier the rebate coupons I had in my hand. As he scanned them they were denied, so he told us to go to customer service. They checked on the rebates and said I called them in as lost. I was like, "No, that's not true..." and then I just happened to look in my purse... and there were our rebate coupons!

I asked the customer service woman the name on the coupons she had and they were not ours. Weird! I asked my husband where he got the rebate coupons he gave me and he couldn't remember at all.

Maybe because he was preoccupied with measurements and amounts for projects. We were confused and finally got checked out.

Anyway, what is strange is how he found two lost rebates and couldn't recall where or when. Of course, he thought they were ours. After the whole debacle we got to thinking how it delayed us leaving the store for almost 25 minutes.

Was it a blessing in disguise? How or why did it happen? It was so odd perhaps we were not supposed to leave the store and this happened so we wouldn't! Maybe we were delayed by an angel. It was so unlikely we couldn't figure it out!

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