Welcome to the Horse Racing Forum!

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Welcome to the Horse Racing Forum!. Cindy Pierson Dulay

Sadly, About.com has decided to close down all their forums.  Since we have had one here for over 15 years now, I have made us a new home over on Delphi.com.  If you are a member of the old forum, please come on over and join the new one.  If you belonged to the old About Horse Racing forum that was on Delphi 10 years or so and two changes of software ago, your useridfrom back then may still work.

  Unfortunately, your current About User ID will not work anywhere now, so you will have to sign up for a new free Delphi ID.


Thanks for dropping by to join the discussions with your fellow horse racing fans.  Our forum is quite busy and you are sure to find something to chat about here. 

Horseracing.about.com has always had a forum until now.  The first one was a version of the Delphi forum which was customized for About.com, and opened to users in 1998.  It became very popular and had many members and lively discussions all the time.  After a few years, they decided forums were not generating enough income and pushed them to the background and changed the software to another vendor, Mzinga, which resembled Delphi, but was an older version of it, and except for members that had been with us since the beginning, existing Delphi ID's would no longer work, nor would new ID's signed up with us work over at Delphi Forums.

  A little later, About decided to shut down all the forums except on sites which requested to keep them, which I did for Horse Racing.  The good news was that our community still had a home, the really bad news was that Mzinga abandoned the old Delphi-like system, which we mostly liked, to something called Omnisocial Engaged, that must have been cheaper to run as it was horrible and most users hated it.

  It was designed to look like the "comment boards" at the bottom of news articles, but without the news article to comment on!   It cost us a lot of members, with only the die hard members staying around.  This went on for about one year before they decided to pull the plug on forums completely in September 2015.  We were given the option to set up a new forum and publicize it for the members to move over, which is when I set up my own Delphi forum.  Our members said they preferred to stay on our own forum rather than move to "social media" platforms like Facebook or Twitter. The old forum disappeared for good on or around October 1, 2015. 

We hope that any of our "seasonal" posters who only come during Breeders' Cup and Triple Crown will find this and know where the community is.