Wesleyan University GPA, SAT and ACT Data

Wesleyan University GPA, SAT and ACT Graph

Wesleyan University GPA, SAT Scores and ACT Scores for Admissions
Wesleyan University GPA, SAT Scores and ACT Scores for Admission. Data Courtesy of Cappex.com

How Do You Measure Up at Wesleyan University?

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Discussion of Wesleyan's Admissions Standards

With an acceptance rate around 20%, Wesleyan University is one of the country's most selective liberal arts colleges. Students who get in all have strong academic records. In the graph above, the blue and green dots represent accepted students. You can see that most students who got into Wesleyan had averages in the "A" range, SAT scores (RW+M) above 1300, and ACT composite scores of 28 or higher. However, Wesleyan applicants need more than good grades. If you look at the red on the graph (rejected students), you'll see that a lot of students with numbers that are on target for admission to Wesleyan still got rejected.

Realize that grades are far more important than standardized test scores: for most applicants, SAT and ACT scores are optional. This doesn't mean that applicants shouldn't take the SAT or ACT: at the conclusion of the admission process, all students must submit scores for the SAT or ACT along with two SAT Subject Test scores for academic counseling and placement purposes. Homeschooled will need to submit test scores as part of the regular admissions process.

Wesleyan University, like all of the country's top liberal arts colleges, has holistic admissions. Successful applicants need to have strengths that go beyond empirical data. The university is looking for students who will contribute to the campus community in meaningful ways, not just students who show promise in the classroom. Competitive applications should have a winning essay, strong letters of recommendation, and meaningful extracurricular activities. As a few of the data points above illustrate, true strengths in some of these areas can compensate for grades and test scores that are a little less than ideal.

If you are 100% sure that Wesleyan is your top choice school, Early Decision gives you another option for improving your chances of admission. In this article on applying to college early, you'll see that the admit rate for early applicants tends to be significantly higher than it is for the regular applicant pool. This is largely because applying through the school's binding Early Decision program is one of the best ways to demonstrate your interest in Wesleyan.

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GPA, SAT and ACT Rejection Data for Wesleyan University
GPA, SAT and ACT Rejection Data for Wesleyan University. Data Courtesy of Cappex

With a highly selective school such as Wesleyan, it's important to look not just at who gets admitted, but also who is rejected. The data is sobering. You can see that quite a few students with GPAs in the 4.0 range were not admitted. Again, with holistic admissions, grades and standardized test scores are just one piece of the admissions equations. You'll need to have high numerical measures, but you'll also need more to make your application stand out from the crowd. This is one reason why you should consider schools like Wesleyan reach schools, even if your grades are on target for admission. Learn more in this article that outlines 6 Cases in Which a Match School is Really a Reach.