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Wharton School
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Established in 1881 as the first business school in the United States, the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business is consistently recognized as one of the best business schools in the world. It is renowned for innovative teaching methods and a wide range of academic programs and resources and boasts the world's largest and most cited faculty. 

Wharton Programs

Wharton School offers a wide range of business programs for students at every education level. Program offerings include Pre-College Programs, Undergraduate Program, MBA Program, Executive MBA Program, Doctoral Programs, Executive Education, Global Programs, and Interdisciplinary Programs. 

Undergraduate Program

The four-year undergraduate program leads to a Bachelor of Science in Economics degree for every student. However, undergraduate students can choose from 20+ concentration options to broaden their education. Concentration examples include finance, accounting, marketing, information management, real estate, global analysis, actuarial science, and more.

MBA Program

The MBA curriculum offers a wide range of classes that give students the power to create their own individualized major. After completing the first year of the core curriculum, students have the opportunity to concentrate on their individual interests and goals. Wharton offers 200+ electives in 15+ interdisciplinary programs so that students can fully customize their educational experience. 

Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Program is a full-time program offering 10+ specialized fields, including accounting, business and public policy, ethics and legal study, finance, healthcare systems, Insurance and risk management, marketing, operations and information management, real estate, and statistics.

Wharton Admissions

Applications are accepted online or in the classic paper format. Admission requirements vary by program. 

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