What (and When) is Hurricane Season?

A beautiful beach with a cloudy storm
The Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1 (also meteorological summer). Tom Hahn / Getty Images

hurricane season is a distinct time of year when tropical cyclones (tropical depressions, tropical storms, and hurricanes) usually develop. Whenever we mention hurricane season here in the U.S. we're usually referring to the Atlantic Hurricane Season, whose storms most commonly affect us. But ours isn't the only season there is...

Hurricane Seasons Around the World

Besides the Atlantic hurricane season, 6 others exist:

  • the Eastern Pacific hurricane season
  • the Northwest Pacific typhoon season
  • the North Indian cyclone season
  • the Southwest Indian cyclone season
  • the Australian/Southeast Indian cyclone season
  • the Australian/Southwest Pacific cyclone season  
Season Name Starts Ends
Atlantic Hurricane Season June 1 November 30
Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season May 15 November 30
Northwest Pacific Typhoon Season all year all year
North Indian Cyclone Season April 1 December 31
Southwest Indian Cyclone Season October 15 May 31
Australian/Southeast Indian Cyclone Season October 15 May 31
Australian/Southwest Pacific Cyclone Season November 1 April 30
The World's 7 Tropical Cyclone Seasons

While each of the above basins has its own particular seasonal patterns of tropical cyclone activity, activity tends to peak worldwide in late summer. May is typically the least active month, and September, the most active.

Rogue Hurricanes

I mentioned above that hurricane season is the period when tropical cyclones usually develop. That's because hurricanes don't always form within their season months -- they occasionally also form before the season begins and after it closes. 

Hurricane Season Predictions

Several months before the season starts, several well-known groups of meteorologists make predictions (complete with guesstimates of the number of named storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes) about how active the upcoming season will be.

Hurricane forecasts are usually issued twice: initially in April or May in advance of the June season start, then an update in August, just before the historical September peak of hurricane season.

Edited by Tiffany Means