What are Angel Essential Oils?

Why and How People Use Essential Oils to Contact Angels

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Essential oils can be useful prayer or meditation tools when contacting angels. Gary Yeowell/Getty Images

Essential oils -- which are the pure oils of plants -- can be useful tools when contacting angels through prayer or meditation. Each essential oil contains powerful chemical compounds that people can use for healing body, mind, and spirit. Since the biological energy in each type of oil corresponds to a certain type of angelic energy (just like the electromagnetic energy in different kinds of crystals does), people have come to associate specific essential oils with specific archangels.

Here's a look at what essential oils are, as well as why and how people use them to communicate with angels:

Pure Oils with Powerful Energy

Most kinds of plants that God has created (from trees to flowers) contain their natural essences in their oils. People derive these essential oils from various parts of plants, such as their seeds, roots, stems, leaves, petals, fruit, and bark.

Essential oils are powerful because of their purity. They contain living biological compounds that send out strong vibrations of energy.

Since angels also send out strong energy vibrations, natural attractions occur between oils that vibrate at frequencies that correspond to angelic energy frequencies. People have developed a color system to organize the different types of energy through which angels work, and each light ray color within this metaphysical system is led by a different archangel who supervises other angels working within that same energy frequency.

While essential oils aren't categorized according to their color, they do correspond to the different types of work that God has assigned different types of angels to do. So people can use the system of angel light ray colors to figure out which angels would most naturally respond to their prayers for help with different types of issues.

Then, they can choose essential oils that vibrate to the frequency of the archangel who leads those particular angels.

“Each oil has its own unique scent, vibration, and healing properties," write Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves in their book Angel Detox: Taking Your Life to a Higher Level through Releasing Emotional, Physical, and Energetic Toxins. "The angels are always around when you work with essential oils, and their aromas tend to open up your psychic abilities by heightening your intuition. The fragrance of the oils transcends the physical world and awakens your spiritual body. They detox you physically, emotionally, and psychically.”

Fragrances that Heighten Consciousness

Essential oils contain aromas that believers say help them become more aware of angels who are present with them during prayer or meditation. So just as people use essential oils for healing aromatherapy, they also use the oils to better connect with angels through the spiritual power of scent.

In her book The Angel Bible: The Definitive Guide to Angel Wisdom, Hazel Raven writes: "One of the most potent tools we can use for attracting angelic help is beautiful fragrance, especially in the form of essential oils … Scent is an subtle etheric form of communication that heightens our consciousness that heightens our consciousness because it carries the soul of the plant.

By appealing to our sense of smell, plants communicate with us on a deep instinctive level. Our fragrance receptors are located in the oldest part of our brain, which is intuitive and not governed by our logical mind.”

Charlotte Montague writes in her book Angels: The Complete Mythology of Angels and Their Everyday Presence Among Us that, "An angel altar is not complete without some angelic essential oils burning. These delicate fragrances have the ability to heighten our consciousness and make it easier for us to receive the presence or influence of the angels. Essential oils are pure, and because there is nothing nasty added to them, that adds to their angelic appeal. Because of their purity, they possess the ideal energy for spiritual use.”

Tools for Praying and Meditating

After determining the specific purpose of a particular prayer or meditation session, people can choose a specific type of essential oil that corresponds to the energy frequency of the archangel who specializes in handling that type of focus.

For example, Archangel Michael supervises angels who specialize in helping people with issues related to power, protection, faith, courage, and strength. So people who want to pray or meditate for help from angels in any of those areas would choose essential oils that are associated with Michael's blue light ray energy.

People may use specific essential oils in a variety of ways as they pray or meditate, such as: inhaling them; bathing with them; massaging them into their skin; diffusing their scents with heat (such as through candles); and placing drops of the oils on their clothing, items in their house, or on the pillows before going to sleep (if they hope to receive messages from angels in dreams).

It's important to keep in mind that what matters most to angels aren't the oils themselves, but the intentions in the souls of the people who use them as communication tools during prayer or meditation.

"Contacting angels is not as simple as using a fragrance," writes Valerie Ann Worwood in her book Aromatherapy for the Soul: Healing the Spirit with Fragrance and Essential Oils. "Think of it like this: The angel is the driver of a bus traveling to different realms. Fragrance is the route the bus travels. It puts us on the right track, but we need to signal as well. At a bus stop this is done by putting out an arm. When using fragrance the signal is a mental one, and so when using angelic vibrations, we need to use prayer, meditation, and good intent and purpose."