Fallen Angels

Angels Who Fell from God's Grace are Also Known as Demons

fallen angel fell face down
Fallen angels fell out of their homes in heaven and ended up in hell as demons. JFB/Getty Images

Fallen angels (who are also commonly known as demons) fell out of their homes in heaven and entered hell (a place of separation from God) when they chose the sin of pride, according to Judaism and Christianity. God originally created all angels to be perfectly good, but after one of those angels -- Lucifer, a leading cherubim angel -- decided to rebel against God, about one-third of God's angels took part in the rebellion in search of greater glory for themselves.

As a result, they became evil.

Ironically, although these angels aimed to become more glorious by trying to replace their Father, God, they ended up becoming far less glorious because sin corrupted their natures. Now they live in a tragic state of separation from God. Since fallen angels have broken their connection to God -- the source of all love -- they have sunken into hate. That hate fuels their war with human beings.

Fallen angels carry on a wide variety of evil activities designed to separate humans from God, the Creator. Those activities include:

* Deceiving people: Fallen angels are notorious for lying to people. They often do so by using some truthful information and twisting it to create an impression of credibility while communicating an inaccurate message. Using that strategy of deception, fallen angels tempt people to sin by making something unhealthy and destructive seem attractive.

They twist the truth so that something bad seems like it's actually a good idea.

* Causing or intensifying negative emotions in people: Fallen angels feed off the energy of negative feelings, such as fear and anger. When people express negativity through their emotions, it lowers their personal vibration level, attracting fallen angels because they also have low vibrations (the higher a living creature's vibration, the closer that being is to God).

One of the most common ways that fallen angels affect people's lives is by introducing negative thoughts into people's minds and urging them to dwell on those thoughts until they become progressively more emotionally upset. They may do this when people are awake, as well as when they're asleep (through nightmares).

* Afflicting people with illnesses or injuries: Sometimes fallen angels influence people's lives in ways that lead to sicknesses or injuries. Fallen angels try to cause such suffering because bad health discourages people and tempts them to pull away from God in their pain. But people's guardian angels try to protect people from danger of all kinds (like accidents), and the healing angels who work with Archangel Raphael often intervene to restore good health to people's bodies, minds, and spirits.

* Discouraging people: Fallen angels try to make people doubt that God really exists, that God really notices and cares about their choices, that God really loves them, or that God truly has the power to change their lives for the better. In contrast, holy angels encourage people to discover more about who God is and how he wants to have relationships with them.

People can protect themselves from fallen angels by staying close to God on a regular basis through spiritual disciplines, such as praying and reading sacred scriptures such as the Bible.

Since sin opens spiritual portals for fallen angels to enter people's lives, it's also important for people to regularly take an honest look at specific sins in their lives, confess, and turn away from those sins and toward God. In the process, they can get rid of fallen angels who are affecting then in a destructive ways.

A key holy angel to call on for help fighting fallen angels is Archangel Michael, who has more power than any other angel to defeat evil. Archangel Jophiel is another especially helpful angel to call on in the battle against fallen angels, since Jophiel specializes in helping people change their thoughts, and it's vital to change negative thoughts to positive ones when resisting evil influences like fallen angels. Any member of the angelic rank called the powers also can be particularly helpful against fallen angels.

Powers angels often engage in spiritual warfare.