What are Paintball Guns Made Out Of?

The materials used to make paintball guns

Man in fatigues playing paintball, aiming at target in woods
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Paintball guns come in many shapes and sizes and are made out of almost all building materials known to man. Most, though, are made out of a few common components.


The most common material for paintball guns is good old steel. This metal is both durable and easy to manufacture things out of. It is relatively inexpensive and forms the core framework of the majority of all paintball guns sold. There may be other materials included, but most guns will have a steel frame.


Aluminum is a relatively strong metal and is sufficiently strong for many parts of paintball guns.
It is much lighter than steel and is relatively easy to mill and manufacture. It also is rust-free and is quite durable. Unfortunately, it is more expensive than steel and isn’t quite as strong. It is commonly used in barrels and many parts of a paintball gun that are not the frame.

Composite Materials

“Composite” is a hidden reference to plastic. Saying a paintball gun is made out of plastic is somewhat of a marketing mistake, so the term composite has been adopted. These materials range in size, weight and strength and some are extremely durable and strong. Composite parts are commonly used in accessories, hoppers and as covers over the paintball gun’s frame.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is quite the buzzword in modern day manufacturing and paintball is not left out. Most commonly it is used in making lightweight, strong barrels, but it is also used similar to composite materials and is used as covers for the frame, such as the grip cover on some higher-end guns.