Principality Angels

Principalities Encourage, Guide, Help Leaders, Send Wisdom After People Pray

Principality angel Earth globe
Principality angels focus on encouraging and guiding world leaders and others facing challenges. Daydreams Girl/Getty Images

Principalities are a choir of angels in Christianity who remind people to pray for wisdom and respond to those prayers by encouraging, guiding, and sending new ideas to those facing challenges. Often, when a world leader needs help making decisions, it's a principality angel who helps, since God has assigned principalities to supervise all nations on Earth.

Reminding People to Pray

Principality angels encourage people to regularly practice spiritual disciplines that will help them grow closer to God.

Developing and maintaining good spiritual habits is the way to wisdom, these wise angels know, so they're constantly urging humans to do so.

The spiritual disciplines that principalities encourage people to incorporate into their lives include: prayer, meditation, reading religious texts, attending worship services, and helping people in need.

If someone is dealing with a great deal of stress or worrying about something a lot, principality angels will try to break through to that person's mind with a reminder to communicate with God through prayer about it.

Encouraging People in Challenging Situations

People who are facing challenging circumstances often hear from principality angels when they pray for help. Principalities answer those prayers in two ways: by giving people joy that transcends difficult situations and motivates people to keep trusting God, and by sending people ideas they can use to solve difficult problems.

Archangel Haniel, the angel of joy, is a leading principality angel who often directs other principalities to respond to prayers from people seeking encouragement. Haniel encourages people to look beyond their circumstances to God, who can empower them to successfully navigate any type of circumstances.

Haniel and other principalities refresh people's perspectives when they've become discouraged, so they can see that there is always hope for them when they place their trust in God.

One of the most famous instances of principality angels providing encouragement happened when another leading member of the principalities, Archangel Chamuel, encouraged Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane. The Bible describes how Jesus prayed for the strength to carry out his plan to pay the cost of humanity's sins by dying a brutal death on a cross. Chamuel, the angel of peaceful relationships, showed up to encourage Jesus in his mission, which was designed to make it possible for sinful people to connect with a holy God in peaceful relationships.

Guiding World Leaders

Principality angels are also known for their work overseeing the various areas on Earth that have their own government: nations, states, provinces, counties, cities, towns, villages, etc.. They deliver God's wisdom to leaders as they face decisions about how best to govern people in specific areas.

In the process, principalities help leaders learn how to be graceful as they govern. They urge leaders to follow God's example of balancing truth and love as they exercise their authority over people.

Sending People New Ideas

Throughout history, principality angels have inspired people working in the arts and sciences with new ideas. Wise principalities love to answer people's prayers for inspiration by planting thoughts in people's minds that help them make progress on their work.

Whether it's helping someone compose beautiful music or revealing information to someone that leads to a scientific breakthrough, principality angels have often delivered the brilliant ideas that humans have prayed for through the years.

Principalities usually work in partnership with people's individual guardian angels to deliver these fresh ideas in ways that people can best receive and incorporate into their lives.