Seraphim Angels

Seraphs Focus on Worship, Justice, and Holiness

seraphim seraph angel
Seraphim angels are completely covered in eyes, which show how they are constantly watching and appreciating God. DEA/G. DAGLI ORTI/Getty Images

The seraphim is the highest choir of angels in both Judaism and Christianity. In Judaism, seraphs are called the chayot ha kodesh, and they're known for expressing justice. In Christianity, seraph angels are known for praising God while they guard his throne in heaven and helping people grow in holiness so they can move closer to God.

Shining Fiery Light

Seraphim shine with the intensely brilliant light of fire, which represents their intense passion for God.

Their appearance is striking and their energy is overwhelming.

The seraphs are completely covered in eyes, which show how they are constantly watching and appreciating God.

All holy angels are lit from within with light that has many different spiritual meanings, including life, love, wisdom, and hope. Angelic light manifests in the form of auras, energy fields that surround angels. But seraphs, in particular, have the strongest lights because they're the closest rank of angels to God, the source of all light.

Famous Archangels Who Are Seraphs

Several different archangels are members of the seraphim: Michael (the leader of all holy angels), Seraphiel (the angel of purification), and Metatron (the angel of life).

Michael supervises the vast amount of holy angels who serve God. As the angel of fire, Michael awakens people to the truth about God, urges people to burn away sin in their lives that interferes with their relationships with God, fights evil with God's greater power of good, motivates people to build closer relationships with God, and empowers people to live courageously.

Seraphiel leads the seraphim in constant worship of God in heaven. In that capacity, Seraphiel regularly teaches seraphs new songs to sing that celebrate God's perfect holiness and great love. Seraphiel also directs seraphs as they chant a famous phrase called the Trisagion, which says: "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory." The Bible describes the prophet Isaiah's vision of seraphim chanting the Trisagion constantly around God's heavenly throne.

Metatron directs the flow of God's energy throughout the universe according to God's design, so every part of creation can experience the right balance. In Kabbalah, Metatron guards the Tree of Life that symbolizes how angels deliver divine energy to human beings. Metraton enlightens people with God's wisdom in the process, showing them how everyone and everything in God's creation is connected and inspiring them to contribute to the greater good. Metatron also records every thought, word, and deed from history in the universe's official records.

Leading Worship in Heaven

Seraphim angels constantly worship God in heaven. In Revelation 4:8 of the Bible, the apostle John described seraphs as chanting a phrase that celebrates God's holiness: "Day and night they never stop saying: "'Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come."

Empowering People on Earth

Sometimes, certain seraphs visit Earth to help humans who have been praying or meditating with great faith.

People who practice ancient Merkabah mysticism say they've met seraphim who serve as tour guides for their souls as they seek to learn more about the different levels of heaven that lead to God's dwelling place.

They progress on their heavenly journeys through meditation that helps them move away from selfishness and toward holiness. The angels who guide them administer wisdom tests before opening gates that lead to the next level of the heavenly dimensions.

Saint Francis of Assisi famously encountered a seraph in the 1200s, when his companions on a prayer retreat witnessed the fiery angel give Francis stigmata wounds. The wounds, which represent how Jesus Christ was wounded when he died on a cross, are signs of holiness.