What are Spiritual Gifts?

While each of us have been given Spiritual Gifts by God, these gifts do not come without controversy. For some the Spiritual Gifts are glorious and wonderful no matter in what form they may come. For others, the drive to get specific Spiritual Gifts because they may be deemed as "more important" by some denominations has caused some division among Christians. found in Eph. 4:11, Rom. 12:3-7, and 1 Cor.

12:1-12,28; we should never diminish the value of any of these gifts, for they all come from the Holy Spirit, and they are usually assigned to one of three categories.

The Charismatic Gifts

The charismatic gifts are the most controversial of the Spiritual Gifts. Some churches don't accept that they exist, while others believe that the charismatic gifts were only short lived and only existed in the time of the Apostles. Some churches believe these gifts died out and were replaced by scriptures. Most of these gifts are ones that demonstrate God's power and His voice, These gifts include:

The Motivational Gifts

While there is greater controversy over the charismatic gifts, most churches are accepting of the motivational gifts. These spiritual gifts are designed to be practical and are considered to reveal God's personality.

These gifts are designed to serve the Body of Christ.The motivational gifts include:

The Ministry Gifts

The ministry gifts (or ministerial as some call them) are often bestowed upon those that will lead in a church or mission. As we can see by the names of the gifts themselves, they not only describe the gift, but also jobs within the church.

These gifts often begin as motivational gifts and move into the ministerial. The ministry gifts include: