Using Azure in Your Design Project

Keep Calm and Cool With Shades of Azure

Azure colors
Left to Right: Azure (halfway between cyan and blue), Web color azure, UN Blue, Royal Azure; © Jacci Howard Bear; licensed to | Cool, Calming Colors | Warm, Exciting Colors | Mixed Cool/Warm Colors | Unifying Neutral Colors

Azure is a light shade of blue that falls in the color wheel between blue and cyan. - Jacci Howard Bear's Desktop Publishing Colors and Color Meanings

Azure is a cool blue color, but beneath that description lies a sea of shades of azure. Usually described as being halfway between cyan and blue, the color ranges from so pale as to be almost white to a rich, dark blue. Azure is a stable and calming color that just about everyone likes.

Some sources describe azure as having a slightly purple tone to it. Azure evokes nature, stability, calmness and richness, among other aspects of blue symbolism.

Using Azure Color in Design Files

When you plan a design project that will end up at a commercial printing company, use CMYK formulations for azure in your page layout software or select a Pantone spot color. For display on a computer monitor, use RGB values. You need Hex designations when working with HTML, CSS and SVG. Azure shade are best achieved with the following:

  • Azure: Hex #007fff | RGB 0,127,255 | CMYK 100,50,0,0
  • Pale Azure: Hex #f0ffff | RGB 240,255,255 | CMYK 6,0,0,0
  • Medium Azure | Hex #4B92DB | RGB 75,146,219 | CMYK 66,33,0,14
  • Royal Azure: Hex #003fff | RGB 0,63,255 | CMYK 100,75,0,0
  • Dark Azure: Hex #003399 | RGB 0,51,153 | CMYK 100, 67,0,40

Choosing Pantone Colors Closest to Azure

When working with printed pieces, sometimes a solid color azure, rather than a CMYK mix, is a more economical choice.

The Pantone Matching System is the most widely recognized spot color system. Here are the Pantone colors suggested as best matches to azure color.

  • Azure: Pantone Solid Coated 2130 C
  • Pale Azure: Pantone Solid Coated 7541 C
  • Medium Azure: Pantone Solid Coated 2129 C
  • Royal Azure: Pantone Solid Coated 2097 C 
  • Dark Azure: Pantone Solid Coated 2370 C