Why Was Julius Caesar So Important?

Julius Caesar changed Rome forever. He dodged proscription and pirates, changed the calendar and the army, while a womanizer himself, he dismissed his wife for suspicious behavior, wrote (bad) poetry and a third person account of the wars he waged, started a civil war, conquered the area of modern France, and made a stab at Britain. He was instrumental in the change from a Republican form of government to one where an individual (in Rome's case, an emperor or "caesar") ruled for life. Find out more about what Julius Caesar did in his very active fifty-six years.

Caesar. Caesar from PD edition of Cassells History of England

Julius Caesar (July 12/13, 100 B.C. - March 15, 44 B.C.) may have been the greatest man of all times. By age 39/40, Caesar had been a widower, divorce, governor (propraetor) of Further Spain, captured by pirates, hailed imperator by adoring troops, quaestor, aedile, consul, and elected pontifex maximus. What was left for his remaining 16/17 years? That for which Julius Caesar was most well known: the Triumvirate, military victories in Gaul, the dictatorship, civil war, and, finally, assassination. More »

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By his time, the seasons were out-of-synch with the months of the Roman calendar. Julius Caesar imported Egyptian techniques to create a calendar recognizable today. More »

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Julius Caesar wouldn't have been the subject of Shakespeare's tragedy of that name had it not been for the fact that Caesar had already been famous for more than 1650 years. In the play, Caesar's most memorable actions were non-actions, he declined the crown, he didn't heed the soothsayer's warnings and he ceased to live. More »

Julius Caesar. Marble, mid-first century A.D. From Pantelleria.
Julius Caesar. Marble, mid-first century A.D. From Pantelleria. CC Flickr User euthman.

Julius Caesar had been the subject of controversy since before he was assassinated. An aristocrat, he appealed to the masses and threatened the security of the Roman nobility. Below you will find modern non-fiction works on the life, death, and military and political career of Julius Caesar. More »

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Caesar's Legion

A Roman cavalry soldier. Anton KuchelmeisterWikimedia Commons Public Domain

A thorough text about Roman military life in the time of Julius Caesar, a legionary's point of view about Caesar's Gallic and the civil wars, and what happened to the legions following Caesar's death.

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Great Caesar!

Julius Caesar Crossing the Rubicon
Julius Caesar Crossing the Rubicon. Clipart.com

Julius Caesar, by ​Plantagenet Somerset Fry, a biography that extols the virtues of what may have been the greatest man ever.

Bust of Julius Caesar
Bust of Julius Caesar. Released into the Public Domain by Andreas Wahra im März.

Account of the life of Julius Caesar and a challenge to the claim that he was the greatest man ever. More »

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