Types of Interjections

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Interjections are words or phrases that express emotions. You might use an interjection to express surprise (Wow!), confusion (Huh?), or outrage (No!).

You may use interjections in casual and in creative writing. You should not use interjections in formal writing, like book reports and research papers.

You can use a noun, a verb, or an adverb as an interjection.

Noun as an interjection:

  • Foolishness! Your dog is not smarter than my dog!

Verb as an interjection:

  • Clap! He deserves some applause for that performance.

Adverb as an interjection:

  • Nope! You cannot go into that room until I give you permission.

What Do Interjections Look Like?

  • One word: Wow!
  • Phrase: I’m shocked!

List of Interjections

Baloney! I don't agree with that!
Cheers! Good tidings!
Duh! That makes sense!
Eureka! I found it!
EEK! That's scary!
Get out! I don't believe it!
Golly! I'm amazed!
Gee! Really?
Huh? What was that?
Incredible! That's amazing!
Jinx! Bad luck!
Ka-boom! Bang!
Look! See that!
My! Oh dear!
Never! I hope that never happens.
Oops! I've had an accident.
Phooey! I don't believe it!
Quit! Stop that!
Rats! That's not good!
Shoot! I don't like that!
Tsk tsk! Shame on you!
Ugh! Not good!
Woot! Hurray!
Wow! Amazing
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