What Do the Planets Represent in Astrology?

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The Sun

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How you shine! The biggest player in your personal universe. Organizing principle. Center of the wheel. The core you radiate from. Overall sense of who you are. The way you go after what you want!

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The Moon

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Soulful side. Innermost needs. Private emotional life. Instincts to react. The way you draw what you want to you.

The Moon is your soul's rhythm, to move out into the world, and then retreat. What comforts you? How do you wind down? What's your way of deeply connecting?

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The messenger. A bridge between soul and conscious mind. Bridge between the dreaming self and topside world self. Communicator. Filtering information, images, impressions, downloads from own higher channels. What's perceived?

How do you know what you know? What do you see? How to you tell others what you know and see?

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Love for life. Contentment. What you love. How you love. Creativity! Togetherness. Sharing what's pleasurable, and brings sense of well-being.

Natural source for happiness. A guide to your desires in love and friendships. Sense of taste or style. The music, art, entertainment you like best.

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Lust for life! Will power. Motivation. Raw surges. Spontaneous bursts of enthusiasm. Impulses. Your drive, and whether it comes in blasts, waves or is erratic. What you're sparked by.

How you initiate. Your sex drive. What turns you on! What makes you angry. What keeps you motivated. Your ability to assert yourself into new experiences.

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Sense of rightness about your path. Following the 'signs.' Trusting life! Being in right place, at right time. Gifts flowing to you. Doors opening. Learning and expanding.

Sense of mission, or being initiated. Adventure and travel. Divinely orchestrated meetings. People who take a special interest in seeing you fulfill your life's purpose. Your calling. Being aimed toward an inspiring goal. Faith in the way things unfold.

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Reining in your focus. Commitment to your goals. Applying yourself! Sticking with it. Making an effort. Pushing past resistance, to persevere. Discipline.

Your sense of integrity. Doing right by yourself Not settling, when you know you are capable of more. Determining the right structure to meet life goals.

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Erratic change. Breaking Free! Radical thinking. Standing out in the crowd. Shattering expectations. Abrupt beginnings or endings.

Taking big risks. Removing yourself from group. Sudden overwhelming excitement. Capacity for genius. Urge to feel wild currents of the new in your life.

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The Muse. Enchantment and wonder about life's mysteries. The Eternal Self. Experiencing other realities. The dreamtime, and how it affects conscious life.

Sense of being released from restrictive personas/masks. Awakening to seeing in a new way, that makes old feel like an illusion you've stepped out of. Potential to fall for deception. Your way of coping with harsh realities. The sense of being able to overcome, through transcending sense of self as only living in 3D reality.

Spirituality. Prayer, longing to live a soul-led life. Experiences of sharing joy or pain with many.

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The intensity of the death and rebirth process. Total inside-out transformation! Seeds cracked open in devastating fire, planted to bring forth new life. Loss that changes us in an extreme way. Experiences that feel annihilating, but strip us of what's false.

Purging and deep healing. What has almost supernatural power/force, that we might fear within us, or activated in certain situations. Facing fears that feel they could 'kill' us. Going through that symbolic death, and emerging with new powers of strength.