What Ever Happened to Baby Pocket on 'Days of Our Lives'?

Baby Pocket was also known as Tyler Kiriakis, the biological child of Philip Kiriakis and Mimi Lockhart on Days of Our Lives. Lauren Chaffee was Shawn Brady and Mimi's surrogate who gave birth to the infant.

Baby Pocket's Birth

Back in 2006, Philip and wife Belle underwent in vitro fertilization, along with their married pals Shawn and Mimi. Due to the mix up at the lab, courtesy of the "gloved hand," Belle became pregnant with Shawn's child, and Phillip was expecting a baby with Mimi, via surrogate Lauren.

Philip urged Belle to have an abortion, but she refused. She miscarried, and the big secret involving Claire's true paternity came out shortly afterward. Philip and Mimi signed away their parental rights to the unborn child which Lauren was carrying and agreed to have the pregnancy terminated.

Lauren's Secret

In the summer of 2007, Philip began receiving cryptic calls of a baby crying in the background. Clues indicated that Philip had a son named Tyler Kiriakis in Indianapolis, Indiana, so Philip and his sister Billie Reed went there to check it out. They soon realized that the calls came from Shawn and Mimi's surrogate Lauren and were shocked to discover that she carried the baby to term. It turned out that Bonnie Lockhart, Mimi’s mom, had been paying Lauren to carry the baby to term since she was convinced that she could swindle big bucks from the Kiriakis men with an heir. A DNA test from Tyler's bib proved that Philip was the biological father.

Kayla and Steve Become Foster Parents

Meanwhile, Kayla and Steve Johnson decided to become foster parents to an abandoned baby they found at the hospital. They gave him the nickname Pocket. Little did they realize that Pocket was actually Philip's son Tyler Kiriakis. Philip was unaware just how close his son was.

The Johnson’s found themselves becoming more attached to the tot.

The Search for Tyler Kiriakis

After Shawn and Belle soon moved out of the Kiriakis mansion, Philip made it his mission to find his son. Philip enlisted Belle's help in going to Tulsa, Oklahoma to a woman's shelter to find Lauren and confront her. They found the surrogate but came up empty-handed in regards to Tyler.

Philip nearly gave up his search for Tyler after numerous dead ends and didn't want to become the same ruthless and vindictive man he was before. Philip and Belle were summoned to the hospital by Shawn, who revealed that Lauren was there. Both men confronted Lauren over where Tyler was, but she accidentally took a tumble down the stairwell and fell to her death. Before she died, Lauren left a clue which indicated that Tyler was in Salem.

Finding Baby Pocket

Philip soon discovered that Steve and Kayla had taken Tyler in as a foster child, although they were unaware that Tyler (Pocket), was his biological child. Steve and Kayla were under investigation when it appeared that Pocket was poisoned. Mrs. Meyers, the social worker assigned to Pocket's case, put the baby in foster care with Mr. and Mrs. Wilkens. It was soon revealed on the October 22, 2007 , episode that Pocket had a rare genetic condition known as MMA or Methylmalonic Acidemia (DAYS sugarcoated this rare but serious genetic disorder).

Philip saw how well the baby’s foster parents interacted with him and realized how serious they were about adopting Tyler/Pocket. After Kayla convinced Philip that a baby couldn’t fill the hole in his heart, he decided to let his son go.