What is a Metal Tiger Person Like?

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1860 Charles de Gaulle, Fritz Lang, Man Ray, Rose Kennedy, Stan Laurel, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Vaclav Nijinski, Helen Hayes

1950 Princess Anne, Phil Collins, Fanny Ardant, Peter Frampton, David Cassidy, Jay Leno, Christina Onassis, Gregory Harrison, Mel Gibson, William Hurt

The Metal Tiger is principled, straight-arrow, conservative and energetic, yet he maintains his Tiger charm and jet propulsion. He's a powerhouse of energy and a doer of grand deeds.

But he is somehow more serious than most Tigers. He is not one to leave projects unfinished. He's a bulldozer with the engine of a tank and the scope of at least sixteen aircraft carriers.

The Metal Tiger has a reputation for making the right decisions at the right time and will hang about waiting for the precise moment to pounce. This behavior can sometimes seem like procrastination, but his hesitation is a form of strategy. He lies in wait, raising an eyelid from time to time to check out the scene. Then he gets up, yawns, stretches his limbs, tenses his muscles and POW!

On the other hand, if the Metal Tiger has to wait for someone to show up or for something to happen, he goes berserk. He wants what he wants when he wants it, and has difficulty understanding why others might not want to adhere to his schedule. He hates to obey, yet insists on obedience from others.

This Tiger also has a somber penchant.

From a young age he may be fascinated by weapons and intrigued with death and death symbols. He faces a lifelong struggle to squelch this tendency. The Metal Tiger needs to surround himself with up people who keep his mind on the positive aspects of life. Otherwise, a bent for self-destruction, blind heroism and a taste for danger can lead him into serious-even fatal-accidents.

The Metal-born Tiger child should be raised in harmonious surroundings, taught to love peace and cherish his fellows. Wise adult choices should lead to harmony and a close-knit family life. Tensions within the family or a rocky marriage could upset his mental stability. Divorce would be preferable to a stressful marriage.

On the surface, the Metal Tiger appears optimistic, buoyant and full of humanity. And, on a grand scale, he is. Yet he is not always compassionate in one-to-one situations. You cannot get him to sit down and spill his thoughts or hash out feelings. Other people's needs and the ramifications of complex emotional situations seem to escape this Tiger's notice. He can be callous and heartless in love and in family relations. Yet if his cold-heartedness is remarked on or criticized, he simply laughs it off, pretending it does not exist. There is no cure for the Metal Tiger's emotional shortcomings. My advice is work around it. Don't take his sharp comments and absence of empathy too seriously and the Metal Tiger will never ask for your commiseration -he doesn't see the use of it.

This Tiger is a creature of legendary magnetism - not classically handsome or even sexy, but more like a charismatic Pied Piper who knows instinctively how to convince his audience and recruit the minds of others in his quest for superiority.

It's no surprise that de Gaulle was a Metal Tiger. This is a tough leader type who stops at nothing to reach his ends. He knows precisely where to aim for the jugular.

The Metal Tiger wants to make the world a better place. He will not take advice or listen to any condemnation of his often unreasonable means to his ends. For the Metal Tiger, any subterfuge or machination is fair game when it comes to winning the war. And for him the war is always going on, right versus wrong, good versus evil, them versus him. He is right and they are wrong.