What is a Reiki Circle?

Reiki Circles in Canada and the United States

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Reiki Circle.

Reiki Circles , sometimes referred to as Reiki Shares, are gatherings of Reiki practitioners to practice the healing art of Reiki as a group. Some Reiki circles are exclusive, open only to trained Reiki practitioners. An exclusive Reiki Circle is a gathering where practitioners can let their hair down a bit. These circles are meant as occasions to socialize with other Reiki healers, support each other's paths as healers, and to exchange Reiki treatments with one another.

Open Reiki Circles are invitational types of gatherings which allow the general public to come and experience Reiki in a group setting. Public circles are mainly intended to bring awareness to Reiki and to help educate anyone who is curious about learning about Reiki. These gatherings also help to promote Reiki practitioners in the area. Many regional Reiki Circles are scheduled weekly or monthly at the same time and place. Attendance may be free, by donation, or require a small fee ($5.00 to $10.00).

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This is an index of Reiki circles or Reiki shares that meet routinely. Reiki shares are a wonderful way for Reiki practitioners to socialize with and learn from other practitioners. My goal in compiling this index is that everyone who wishes to attend a Reiki circle will be able to locate one in their region.

Reiki Circles by Region


ODONATA Reiki Share
Region Where Circle Meets: Stettler, Alberta, Canada
In Brief: This Reiki Share is a monthly opportunity for those interested in Reiki to ask questions of Reiki practitioners. It is also especially intended as an opportunity for healers of all kinds to receive FREE Reiki loving!

What Participants Need to Know: Registration via email is really ideal so I can know how many to expect! Refreshments include tea and fruit. Dress comfortably so you can sit on the floor. If you need directions, just ask when you register! This share is free.



Free Reiki 4 Cancer
Region Where Circle Meets:Orange County, California (www.freereiki4cancer.com)
In Brief: Great group of volunteer Reiki practitioners. We go to cancer centers in Orange County California and offer free Reiki to cancer patients and their families. So far we are at Hoag Hospital, Orange Coast Memorial Hospital, and Fountain Valley Hospital. We could always use help..
What Participants Need to Know: Join us for a healing night and get to know the group. We meet for our group circle every other Monday night. If you're interested in joining the cancer center project you can. If you're a cancer patient, come for the free healings.All cancer patients and their families are welcome to come to Hoag Hospital's Cancer Center every Friday from 10am-11:30 for a free Reiki session. Classes are also available.

Reiki Share in Sherman Oaks
Region Where Circle Meets: Sherman Oaks, CA
In Brief: Emma's Arc is hosting Reiki Night!

in Sherman Oaks, CA. Emma's Arc provides services for humans and animals, and holds classes & seminars in the Los Angeles area. Magi Loucks is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher in Usui Reiki Ryoho, Usui/Tibetan Reiki, and Animal Reiki, and a Certified Tarot Master. She is a registered Reiki Teacher with the International Association of Reiki Professionals, and a Registered Practitioner with the Shibumi International Reiki Association.
What Participants Need to Know: Reiki Night! is an evening when those interested in holistic energy healing can learn about and experience a bit of Reiki. It’s also an opportunity for all lineages and all levels to come together and practice, ask questions, share experiences, and give and receive healing in a group setting. No experience is required - all are welcome!

$20 donation.

Pause in Joy Reiki Circle
Region Where Circle Meets: City of Angeles Reiki Circle, Los Angeles, 90036
In Brief: I have been facilitating Reiki Circles in Los Angeles for the past 5 years since arriving from Scotland. I create a space for like-minded souls to bask in the collective consciousness using Reiki energy. Reiki is not a theory. And it is time to PUT DOWN the books on energy. These bi-monthly Reiki Circles are community based for those looking to plug in each month to the Spiritual Conscious Life-Force Energy in a group setting. It give those who have never experienced Reiki a chance to see, feel and know what it is all about.
What Participants Need to Know: The Reiki Circles, are for both newbies and students of Reiki to collectively connect monthly. As the power in all of us collectively is stronger than the power of one of us this energetic fusing of our intention has brought amazing stories of change in people's lives. This gathering focuses our attention on ourselves, others wellbeing, stronger health, success, determination, balance, enlightenment, happiness and more joy to create a unified field of pure positive energy that we can use every month.

The Circle is in two parts. The first part consists of a beautiful guided meditation to create a sense of peaceful and calm for our energies to gentle mingle together. Each person receives the gift of a one-to-one "healing attunements" while in this serene space of meditation to clear blockages, form clarity, increase empowerment, release toxins that no longer serve you.

Each circle produces its own special vibration and has created epiphanies for some, clarity for others with a deep sense of connectedness to ocean of consciousness.

The second part is when we send the powerful energy of Reiki utilizing our group's energy since the healing attunement. This massive unified positive healing energy is transported through time and space to our families, friends, projects, dreams, businesses and aspirations. Participants are asked to bring symbols of those people and things that need our energy; photographs of loved ones, vision books/boards, head shots, scripts and yes I have even had dogs in the center of the circle. Those students attuned to Reiki will hold the energy for those not attuned, as a chorus of chanting AUM's fused with the Kotodama linking our Reiki intention to form energy for the highest good.


Denver Reiki Co-Op
In Brief: The Denver Reiki Co-Op is an opportunity for you to experience the beauty that is Reiki, in a hands-on fashion. We've been meeting monthly since August 2009 for an open Reiki Shares, and in August 2010 we added a second meeting each month that focuses on Reiki as a spiritual practice.
What Participants Need to Know: The Denver Reiki Co-Op hosts two monthly events:

1) Reiki Shares -- All are welcome to come to these events to learn more about Reiki and to receive a session. Reiki practitioners are invited to come and share their gift.

2) Reiki Techniques -- Reiki practitioners, anyone attuned to any level, any lineage of Reiki, are welcome to join us as we deepen our connection to the Reiki energy through meditation and the practice of traditional and non-traditional healing techniques.

Donations are accepted at these events to help cover the cost of the Co-op, including the use of the space for the events.


Reiki at the Crystal Cottage (Facebook)
Where Circle Meets: The Crystal Cottage Reiki Circle is held within The Crystal Cottage,Florida Keys, Big Pine Key, FL.
In Brief: Our Reiki share circle started in December 2012 out of a need for several long time Reiki practitioners to gather and practice. There have are been Reiki Circles on Big Pine Key for many years, but as people come and go we lost our last gathering place several years ago. The core group of this circle have known each other for more than ten years and have been practicing longer than that. Our circle has attracted new Reiki practitioners as well as those who have never experienced Reiki. We are open to all.
What Participants Need to Know: A soothing space filled with Crystals & Healing Gemstones. The energy of the Crystals adds to the healing energy of Reiki. The circle is open to everyone. All levels of Reiki practitioners as well as those who are just curious and wish to learn more or wish to experience Reiki for the first time. Our core group consists of long time practitioners and we include several different forms of Reiki.We each take turns giving and receiving Reiki. We meet during the winter season, from Nov-April on Sundays afternoons. Contact us through the Crystal Cottage Facebook Page for more details on time and address. There is no charge, Love offerings are gratefully accepted.


Stateline Reiki Exchange
Region Where Circle Meets: Our Reiki Exchange meets the last Saturday of every month in a beautiful wooded setting located in Rockton, Illinois.
In Brief: The Reiki Exchange started out as a mechanism for Reiki practitioners, to get together and discuss mutual topics of interest and learn new skills. It was also designed as a mechanism for the Reiki practitioner to receive a Reiki session from other Reiki practitioners. As time passed, we have opened our meetings to include anyone from the community with an interest in learning more about Reiki and/or for those who would like to receive a complementary Reiki therapy session.
What Participants Need to Know: Our Reiki Exchange has grown over the past 8 years. Our primary reason to having these meetings is to give the Reiki practitioner and community member an opportunity to receive a FREE Reiki session. Upon arrival, we sign in and have introductions. This is followed by a smudging ceremony, then either guided group meditation or guided Reiki drumming journey. Next we have our Pot Luck (so if you plan on attending, please bring a dish to pass) where we catch up with one another. Once the socializing has been completed, we bring out the Reiki tables and perform Reiki on one another for 2.5 to 3 hours. Everyone is in agreement, having a Reiki treatment is a wonderful and relaxing way to end the month and begin anew!

Reiki Share at Rock Valley College
Region Where Circle Meets: Rockford, IL
In Brief: This Share is open to the public and is hosted by Rock Valley College. Reiki people who earned their degrees work for 20 to 30 minutes and earn practicum credit for enrolling in a class. Shares are held Wednesdays at 6 p.m. and through Reiki Master Teacher Richard Gubbe. Shares are held at the Bell Campus at Springbrook and Bell School Roads in Rockford.
What Participants Need to Know: This share is open to men, women and children of all ages. The share began in 2007 and runs each Wednesday the college is in session. People who hold Reiki degrees can sign up through the Continuing Professional Education Department at (815) 921-3900.


Peaceful Spirit Reiki Share
Region Where Circle Meets: Florence, Kentucky
In Brief: This Reiki Share was started in 2010 to allow new practitioners to find a safe, supportive place to practice Reiki. We welcome all practitioners and those who are just interested in experiencing Reiki healing.
What Participants Need to Know: Come prepared for a welcoming healing experience. We begin with discussion of participants new business ventures or interesting aspects of alternative healing. This is followed by a Reiki attunement, then we give and share Reiki. Our schedule is listed under the "Upcoming Events" section on the top left corner of our Web Site.


Annapolis Reiki Healing Circle and Share
Region Where Circle Meets: The Annapolis Reiki healing circle and share meets on the first Monday of each month from 7 until 9 PM at Unity by the Bay; 836 Ritchie Highway; Severna Park, Maryland. We welcome Reiki masters & practitioners interested in sharing the gift of Reiki and others wanting to experience a Reiki session.
In Brief: The Annapolis Reiki healing circle and share has been meeting for approximately ten years. Originally meeting in a private home to allow practitioners an opportunity to practice, our group has continued to grow. For several years, we met in a local wellness center, expanding the group to include members of the community interested in learning about Reiki and receiving a relaxation session. We currently meet at Unity in Severna Park and provide an opportunity for practitioners and members of the local community to get to know one another as we learn together and share information and energy.
What Participants Need to Know: Annapolis Reiki welcomes members from the local community to join us for holistic health events. All participants are asked to send an e-mail to pat@annapolisreiki.com letting us know they will attend. This helps us plan for sufficient tables. Love offerings are appreciated and this event is co-sponsored by A Community of Transformation.

For the Reiki Shares we welcome Reiki masters and practitioners of all levels and lineages who have an interest in sharing the gift of Reiki with others and receiving a session themselves.

Non-practitioners, curious about Reiki and interested in learning about it by receiving a relaxation session, are welcome to join us as well and are also asked to send an e-mail to reserve a space. We offer a free quarterly Reiki Basics class for those new to Reiki to learn what it is, how it works and some of the benefits of energy work.

As our Reiki healing circle and share have continued to grow, we have added a number of community service projects where experienced practitioners may join us to give Reiki at no charge to local seniors at the Anne Arundel County Senior Centers. We also provide free Reiki sessions to cancer patients, their families and caregivers through Annapolis Wellness House.

As our community continues to grow, we have added events and retreats for enhancing our connection and providing opportunities to practice the Reiki ideals and principles. Our goal is to create an environment where we know our divine connection and show up as the loving, healing light that we are. As we do this we see that same essence in others and help them realize their own inner wisdom, joy and awe.

New Jersey

South Orange Reiki Circle at The Learning Center
Region Where Circle Meets: South Orange, New Jersey
What Participants Need to Know: We will share the historical and contemporary views on Reiki and have plenty of time for hands-on shares. This group is primarily for the novice of inquisitive, although we welcome all practitioners as well. The fee will be $10 per session with 40% of the fee going to the newly organized Learning Center in South Orange, NJ. All are welcome!

New York

North Shore Reiki Circle
Region Where Circle Meets: Reiki Circle at Holbrook Wellness Center - 5000 Expressway Drive South, Holbrook, New York 11741
In Brief: Reiki Shares strengthen the healer's energy channel and allow us to give and receive Reiki. We offer distant Reiki healing to all those who request it. Our goal is to be a source of meditation and healing for all who participate whether they are attuned Reiki practitioners or just seek to learn more about the blissful experience that Reiki is.
What Participants Need to Know: We meet from 7 to 9:30 PM on the third Wednesday of each month. The Reiki Circle at Holbrook Wellness Center is open to all Reiki practitioners regardless of where they received their training. We are pleased to share with people who need healing and/or those who wish to learn more about Reiki. Email info@northshorereiki.com to be included on our reminder list. Call 631-737-1510 for driving directions.

Reiki Love and Harmony Gatherings
Region Where Circle Meets: META Center New York, 214 West, 29th Street, 16th Floor, (Between 7th and 8th Avenues), New York, NY 10001, www.metacenterny.com
In Brief:  A gathering of Reiki practitioners and non-Reiki practitioners to learn and experience the love, beauty, and harmony of Reiki, a healing modality that originated in Japan. We meet at least once a month-time varies depending upon on Attendees' request/s. Activities varies from Presentations, Practice of Japanese Reiki Techniques/Methods, Reiju or Attunements, giving and receiving Reiki from each other.
What Participants Need to Know: The mission of Usui Reiki Ryoho is to enhance mutual well-being for oneself and others, on one hand, by fulfilling a peaceful and joyful life mentally and physically and, on the other, healing the sick. Contact Lilia V. Marquez, RN at Komyo Reiki Kai New York for share dates.

USUI Mikao Sensei (1865-1926), Founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho)

Reiki is a healing practice that originated in Japan. Reiki practitioners place their hands lightly on or just above the person receiving treatment, with the goal of facilitating the person's own healing response. In the United States, Reiki is part of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

What is Reiki ? - Reiki is a Japanese term.

【霊】Rei means something miraculous, ethereal, transcendental and sacred. 
【気】Ki means the atmosphere or something subtle or the energy of the universe.

The Japanese words “霊気 Reiki can be defined as a miraculous and sacred energy of the universe, which sustains all life (Reiki is the name, used by Usui Sensei, for the universal/cosmic energy). The word "REIKI" is a common noun in the Japanese language. This cosmic energy is called with a variety of names - "Chi" in China, "Ki" in Japan, "Prana in India, "Mana" in Hawaii etc.

PRACTICE - Reiki is based on the idea that there is a universal (or source) energy that supports the body's innate healing abilities. Practitioners seek to access this energy, allowing it to flow to the body and facilitate healing. Reiki is generally practiced as a form of self-care. Reiki can be received from someone else and may be offered in a variety of health care settings, including medical offices, hospitals, hospices and clinics. It can be practiced on its own or along with other CAM therapies or conventional medical treatments.

USES - According to the 2007 National Health Interview Survey, which included a comprehensive survey of CAM use by Americans, more than 1.2 million adults had used an energy healing therapy, such as Reiki, in the previous year.


  • Stress reduction
  • Improve overall health & well-being : physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual
  • Promotes qualities of loving, caring, compassion, trusting, peace, serenity
  • Ease pain & discomfort
  • Strengthens the immune system

Smithtown Reiki Healing Circle
Region Where Circle Meets: Smithtown, New York, Suffolk County, Long Island
In Brief: Reiki Healing circles are usually held on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 7:30pm-9:30pm. Each gathering will include a guided meditation and hands-on healing for all. Come and meet like-minded people who share an interest in the healing of the body, mind and spirit... walk hand and hand with others who are on a similar spiritual journey.
What Participants Need to Know: Come with an open mind and a loving heart... Attendance at the circle is free for Lorraine's Reiki students, a small donation of $5-10, would be appreciated from all others. All donations are given to local charities at the end of the year. Circles are open to Reiki practitioners as well as non-practitioners. Space is limited, so please call to RSVP (631-235-4154).

North Carolina

Reiki for You
Region Where Circle Meets: Aberdeen, North Carolina
Host: Lisa Medlen, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki Research Professional for Harvard University, Reiki Practitioner, Animal Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Teacher at Sandhills Community College 


Oklahoma Reiki Connection Reiki Share
Region Where Circle Meets: We are located in the same office as Metro Family Massage in Oklahoma City. Our address is 8005 South I35 Service Road, Suite 107 in Oklahoma City, OK Phone number is 405-549-3766. We meet the third Monday of every month from 6 pm to 9pm.
In Brief: Oklahoma Reiki Connection Reiki Share is lead by nurse and Reiki Master Therapist Linda Mares to promote health and wellness in the community. Reiki Share is open to the public. Come and learn, practice and share the Reiki energy. Reiki I classes are by donation and we also offer continuing Reiki classes for those who are interested in pursuing Reiki.
What Participants Need to Know: Reiki is a non-intrusive, adjunct therapy that brings health and wellness to the recipient as well as the practitioner. It is simple to learn and easy to provide. Reiki uses Chi or life energy to promote health and wellness through touch therapy. Afraid of being touched? That's okay! We also do non-touching and distance Reiki as well.


Bucks County Reiki Share and Community Clinic
Region Where Circle Meets: Bucks County, PA - At The Peace Center, 102 W. Maple Ave. Langhorne, PA 19047 - www.rainbowsofhealing.com
In Brief: Spread and share your loving, healing light! Join us ongoing the 3rd Sunday of each month from 2 - 4 pm. Hosted by Valarie Haag, N.D. & Ian Haag, Usui Reiki Masters. This is a great opportunity to meet and share your experiences with other Reiki practitioners in the area, and use your Reiki! Please feel free to invite any other Reiki Practitioners you know that are attuned to Level I and beyond.
What Participants Need to Know: Due to the need and request of Reiki for those not attuned, we will now be opening up the Reiki Share from 4:30-5:30 pm on Reiki Share dates as a NO-CHARGE opportunity for the community to receive Reiki from practitioners wishing to volunteer their time! Please spread the word! This is not a requirement for those attending the shares, as the share will be over at 4 pm, and those wishing to participate may stay. Anyone who would like Reiki, is curious about it, or needs it, is welcome to come to the Peace Center between 4:30-5:30 pm. Please contact us with any questions. It is our honor and privilege to be able to share the healing light of Reiki with those in our community in this way. Love Donations from recipients to the Peace Center are appreciated for this offering. There is no charge for this sharing of energy; although donations are suggested for the Peace Center and snacks to share are always welcome. Bring a table if you have one - we are a huge share, and growing each month! If you have any questions, or would like to be added to our Reiki E-vite list for upcoming share dates - please contact us: val@rainbowsofhealing.com , (267) 840-8003

Reikishare at the Dreamcatcher
Region Where Circle Meets: Skippack, PA
In Brief: Reikishare at the Dreamcatcher, hosted by Amy Rowland, is regularly scheduled from 2 p.m - 5 p.m. on the first Sunday of each month, unless this coincides with a national holiday.
What Participants Need to Know: Practitioners are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to practice and connect to others in the Reiki community; members of the public are welcome to attend and experience receiving a Reiki treatment for the first time. There is no charge to attend, but a donation to cover the cost of the space is very much appreciated.

Royersford Reiki Share (Facebook)
Region Where Circle Meets: Private home in Royersford, PA.
In Brief: Reiki share to provide a forum for practitioners and non practitioners to give and receive Reiki. The share is by invitation only. Please sign up for the Reiki in Royersford mailing list and indicate that you would like to receive information on the Reiki shares. Or, you may also access the mailing list sign up via the website www.dorothylaskey.com.
What Participants Need to Know: Open to practitioners and non practitioners. You will receive notifications on upcoming shares if you are signed up for the Reiki share mailing list. Please RSVP to let me know that you will be attending so that I can make sure that we have enough room.

The Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (meaning the Usui Reiki Healing Method Learning Society) is the Reiki organization in Japan dedicated to keeping the Reiki teachings alive. The group holds regular meetings throughout Japan, where they meet to practice Reiki and receive Reiju empowerment for cleansing, purification and to strengthen their ability to access Reiki. I would like to incorporate some of the Gakkai's practices into our Reiki shares, including doing attunements at each meeting. I feel that it is important for all of us Reiki practitioners to regularly practice Reiki for the healing of the Self.

We will start with clearing and grounding exercises and a 10 minute discussion/practice on a Reiki topic chosen for each meeting then proceed with the Reiki group sessions of 15 - 20 minutes per person, depending on the size of the group. We will end with light snack and drinks and have a brief open forum for sharing and feedback.

​South Carolina

Carolina Reiki Clinics
Region Where Circle Meets: Carolina Reiki Institute, Inc., Columbia, South Carolina
In Brief: These Reiki Circles began in 1998 as a way to educate the community, to make Reiki treatments available to those who could not afford private treatments and as a way to give Reiki students a place to practice on others as well as to get feedback from each other. We meet the first Tuesday of each month in the a.m. and the first Thursday of each month in the p.m. These circles are open to everyone, but registration by phone or email the day before is required.
What Participants Need to Know: Participants need not have any prior experience with Reiki and can expect to receive a treatment from the group as well as to participate in the giving of Reiki if desired.

To facilitate the group process, we begin by joining hands and balancing our energies together. Participants who haven't been attuned/initiated into Reiki will receive a "temporary" attunement to allow them to experience what it is like to give Reiki. Instructions are given as to how to proceed.

Participants, who are attending just to receive a treatment and do not wish to give treatments, are treated first and then are free to leave.

Once we have completed this balancing, one person lays on the Reiki table(s) and everyone else gathers around and gives that person Reiki. Some lay their hands directly on the person receiving and others work off the body. Group sizes vary, so there may be anywhere from two to six on one. As each person's treatment is completed, they join in giving to the next person until all participants have received their Reiki treatment.

Afterwards, there is time for questions, comments and discussion.


Awakening Transformation Reiki Share
Region Where Circle Meets: Austin, Texas
In Brief: Our monthly Reiki Share is an opportunity to experience and share Reiki in a small intimate environment.
What Participants Need to Know: We start with a brief intro to Reiki for those who are new to Reiki. There will be an opportunity for sharing and questions and answers. Each person will receive a mini healing session. This is a very casual comfortable environment, where each person can participate as much or as little as they wish.


Reiki, Rocks & Aromas Reiki Circle (Meetup Group)
Region Where Circle Meets: Northern VA
In Brief: A Reiki/Energy Share Healing Circle's purpose is to give and receive Reiki and healing treatments, to practice, support and learn. All are invited regardless of experience with Reiki. The circles are open to the public and are offered at no charge. You are welcome to invite others and to share this information with anyone interested. Share with us the wonderful feeling of joy and peace that Reiki brings. Our Reiki/Energy Share Circle is for practitioners to offer their services as a way to "give back" to the community, for those that are curious about Reiki and have not had an opportunity to experience it.
What Participants Need to Know: We do Reiki Shares a little bit differently... most of our participants are gifted. Let us know if you are interested in receiving messages received during your Reiki Session :) Please feel free to bring snacks to share. People tend to hang around after Reiki and enjoy each other company. It's also helpful to recharge and ground with food after giving and receiving Reiki. FYI - I share my home with two furballs, Stinky & Koko. Stinky is very social and participates in our Meetups! Koko is the shy cat, but is slowly coming out of her shell. I always have Benedryl on hand.


Serenity Reiki Healing Circle
Region Where Circle Meets: Serenity, 13825 W. National Av. Suite 100, New Berlin, WI 53151
In Brief: These circles which meet twice a month were founded by Sandy Walden, founder of Serenity.
What Participants Need to Know: The first monthly circle is held on the 2nd Monday of each month from 6:30-7:30 pm. This circle is held with the intention of healing the planet and all non-human life.
The second monthly circle is held on the 4th Monday of each month from 6:30-7:30 pm. This circle is held for the intention of healing all humans who are open to healing.

Those who participate are welcome to attend in person, but may participate from where ever they are located. Of course we are happy to hold healing intentions for loved ones, friends or even strangers in need.

While these are Reiki Circles because the founder, Sandy Walden is a Reiki Master/Teacher, they are open to those who are not Reiki as well. Those willing to offer prayers, peaceful and healing thoughts and intentions, meditation are also welcome to participate.

There is no fee to attend, although donations are welcome. We appreciate an RSVP if at all possible so that we may prepare for enough people, but please know that you are welcome regardless of notification prior.

Do you host, help organize, or participate in a Reiki Circle that meets routinely? Message me via my Facebook Page to tell about your circle.

Reiki Circle image courtesy of Judith and Baruch Lustig - Reiki Club for Seniors