beats per minute

Learn about beats per minute, and how BPM is used and written in sheet music.

Metronome marks on sheet music, indicating tempo.
A BPM of 112 may be expressed with the terms moderato, allegro, or allegretto. Image © Brandy Kraemer

Definition of BPM:

Beats per minute (abbreviated BPM) is the number of times a beat is repeated in one minute. BPM expresses the tempo of a song, and is indicated in notation above the very first measure:

  1. As metronome marks:
    • ♪=224*
    • M.M.=112 (M.M. stands for “Maelzel's Metronome”)
  2. With tempo terms:
    • Allegro means to play quickly, at about 112-160 BPM.


* The little music note in the metronome mark may be written in different note-lengths depending on which note-length holds the main beat.

An eighth note marked with 224 BPM is the same as a quarter note marked with 112 BPM; learn why:


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