In some traditions of modern Paganism, especially Wicca, one of the commonly used magical tools is the boline. This knife typically has a white handle and a curved blade, and is used more for cutting herbs, cords, and other magical items. This makes it somewhat different from the athame, which is generally used for symbolic or ritualized cutting only. Despite its practical applications, the boline is still considered a magical tool, and many practitioners choose to keep it wrapped up and out of the way when not in use. You may wish to consecrate your boline before you use it for the first time.

Want to make your own boline? Follow the same tips found in Make Your Own Athame.

Keep in mind that not all traditions of Paganism use the boline, and you are certainly not required to have one if your particular belief system does not call for its use.

Pronunciation: BOH-leen

Examples: Willow used a bone-handled, curved boline to cut herbs prior to spellwork.