What is Christian Contemporary Music?

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Matthew West performs onstage during the 3rd Annual KLOVE Fan Awards at the Grand Ole Opry House on May 31, 2015. Rick Diamond/Getty Images for KLOVE

Question: What is Christian Contemporary Music?

Answer: Using secular/mainstream musical terms, Christian Contemporary Music or Christian Pop could easily be described as "Top 40." Pop music meets soft rock and voila! Pop Contemporary! This is, by far, the most listened to of the Christian genres, with more radio stations carrying the style, which is sometimes referred to as "Hot AC."

Popular Christian Contemporary Artists

Christian Contemporary Music History

Essential Christian Contemporary Albums

  • The Altar and the Door - Casting Crowns
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    This popular band's third album is slower than the first two, but it's just as strong ... just in a different, less "chorus stuck in your head" way. These songs go even deeper (yes, it really is possible) than usual Casting Crowns fare and there are plenty of winners on the 10 tracks.
  • Lifesong - Casting Crowns
    Lifesong once again challenges the church with powerful lyrics and it is apparent to me that their incredible popularity isn't just due to their obvious talent. It's what I like to call a "God thing." Think about it ... most people don't want the errors of their ways pointed out to them, yet Casting Crowns does just that. But people flock to see them and hear their music. I believe that's because God is opening hearts to see the ugly truths about ourselves so that the seeds that Casting Crowns plants have a place to grow.
    • Unshakeable - Laura Cooksey
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      Reminding us that the love that Jesus has for us is never-ending, Laura Cooksey has it all -- lyrics, music and a voice that you will fall in love with.
    • Overcomer - Manidsa
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      Overcomer is smooth and shiny, filled with hope of brighter days and pensive moments of deep thought and prayer.
      • Something To Say - Matthew West
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        If you like pop music, Matthew West's Something To Say is a must for your collection. His first release after having vocal cord surgery, Matthew shows us that he does have plenty to say.
      • 10 - MercyMe
        MercyMe celebrated 10 years in Christian music with the release of the 10 double set. One CD was filled with fan favorites and their most popular songs while the other CD was video footage from concerts and other video footage.
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