What is Christian Rock?

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Question: What is Christian Rock?

According to some fundamentalists, there is no such thing as Christian rock but I strongly disagree. The Christian rock genre evolved from the early Jesus movement as the antithesis of the then-popular "sex, drugs and rock and roll" lifestyle that so many were living in the decade of "free love." Using electric guitars, passionate vocals and drum kits beating out killer back-beats, Christian rock was a way to share the Message of Hope to people in churches who wanted more than traditional hymns and to those outside of the church that didn't know Jesus.

Answer: Christian Rock, much like it's secular counterpart, has several sub-styles within the genre. Modern rock, alternative rock, indie rock, punk rock and southern rock are all well represented, bringing much to like to the masses. Harder stuff, like metal, hard rock, emo, screamo and grunge rock, are generally classified separately under the metal umbrella.

Some Christian rock bands are very in your face with their lyrics, singing about their Savior in no uncertain terms. Other bands have less JPM's (Jesus per minutes) with their lyrics being about life from the perspective of a Christian. But regardless of which side of the coin they fall on, their hearts are always easy to see.

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Popular Christian Rock Albums

  • Essential Christian Rock Albums - Must haves for your Christian rock collection
  • A New Abolition - The Wrecking Compare Prices
    I'm not the only one in love with this new band. ChildVoice International, a global Christian non-governmental organization that works in war-torn countries with local NGOs to assist children of war, has just announced that they will be using "Sights and Sounds" for their "Voices Rising" campaign. (Learn more about )
  • DecembeRadio - DecembeRadio Compare Prices
    DecembeRadio hit the ground running with their 5-star debut album. It was nominated for a GRAMMY and won the Rock Album of the Year at the Doves in 2007. One listen is all it will take and you'll be a fan for life.
  • Even Heroes Need A Parachute - This Beautiful Republic Compare Prices
    Even Heroes Need A Parachute offers a solid foundation with a lot of room to grow. While the weather in the band's forecast may be perfect for skydiving, I don't think they need to worry about packing parachutes in case of emergency because they're doing just fine.
  • Fear Inside Our Bones - The Almost
    A little easier than other project from The Almost, this is still a great album with just the right amount of magic.
  • Offerings: A Worship Album - Third Day (Purchase/Download)
    Up until this release, everyone knew that Third Day could rock (with their music being strong in the faith arena, but not really "worship." That all changed on Offerings: A Worship Album, which was named the Dove Praise and Worship Album of the Year in 2004. The really good music is still there and so is the rock for that matter, but with this release, Third Day shows that they can lead some of the most poignant worship you'll hear.
  • Revelation - Third Day Compare Prices
    You may have thought that Third Day had hit their "high point" before with any number of their other releases ... but you thought wrong. Revelation soars to new heights for the band. Southern rock at its finest, this release is a must have for any Christian music collection.
  • Rock What You Got - Superchick (Purchase/Download)
    The first studio album from Superchick in three years was well worth the wait. Rock anthems stand out track after track, making this an absolute must have from Superchick.
  • Satisfied - DecembeRadio Compare Prices
    2008 saw the release of Third Day's Revelation and for a month, it was the best release of the year. Then along came Satisfied by DecembeRadio. Satisfied is not only the best release of 2008, it could easily be the best release of the decade. The DecembeRadio guys show out on all fronts on this CD. They rock like you wouldn't believe and then they turn on a dime and slow it down to deliver ballads that reach out and touch you in the deepest recesses of your soul.
  • The Beautiful Letdown - Switchfoot Compare Prices
    Switchfoot just keeps growing in their music, their lyrics and their faith and The Beautiful Letdown, the 2004 Dove Rock / Contemporary Album of the Year, proves that time and time again.
  • The Struggle - Tenth Avenue North Compare Prices
    We all struggle to remain on the narrow path and Tenth Avenue North uses The Struggle to remind us that no matter how far off that path we may wander, Jesus is always there to guide us back.

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